Saturday, August 8, 2009

busy bee

I've been out for like 2 months. What a drag so what gives?

Been partying with friends and working (sounds weird but definitely true) for the time being.

Issues are still boiling and never missed a part of it..

So far the issue that culminated for a week or 2 is about the death of the Democratic Icon "Mrs. Corazon Aquino", wife to the late Benigno Aquino, a devoted mother to her nation.

During the 10 day period of remorse, there were people pushing through to make Mrs. Aquino a National Hero. Do you think that this should push through? For all that I know and care to understand is that Mrs. Aquino is an icon for Democracy during the Martial Law. She exemplified the traits of some one who does not back down, keeps her head up and say "I want to fight for what is right and my rights..".

Simply this are my rants as of now...

So much for simplicity...