Monday, October 14, 2013

My love of body bling

Currently i've been engrossed on getting things done. It was not just the shopping, i was falling in love with the skin blings. 

Yes there it is, one of my favorite tattoos as of the moment 3 needle art work (am i right? Idgaf but my artist kicks ass) lion by Myke Sambajon of P and P Tattoo. 

The preparation of getting inked is an exciting process for me. The anticipation of making sure that the "skin bling" would be placed perfectly on the canvas. The way the needle machine roars as it dips on the ink, ready to embed the master piece on your skin is pure orgasm (oh my... Oooorrrrrrgaaaaaaassssmmmmm). 

What i crave most when getting ink is my addiction to the pain (masochist? Ummmm not sure) and the art afterwards. 

Regarding the purring kitty on my left shoulder. My artist and i have received good commendations on how it was life like and the details being astounding and magnificent. Just by reading and hearing those words make me melt. 

My life is full of weirdness, craziness and macabre. What's yours? 

Reezen TOT

Sunday, October 13, 2013

more than a year of not blogging

OMFG... I have been literally unable to blog for quite some time (uhmmmmm 1 year and some months?).

If it has been that long, it just means that I've been working my ass to the pulp.. Yes, i have this kick ass job that loves to kick ass..

Anyways nothing much has changed except for more tattoos that i have been getting courtesy of P&P Tattoo.

I don't know what to ramble as of now.. but if I'm ready to spit venom i will let you guys know...

If you do have some suggestions for topics let me know..