Thursday, October 8, 2009

my poor blog site

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It felt as if it has been decades since i blogged here. Nothing to serious to be busy about (partying, getting sick... REALLY SICK like FUBAR, crazy calamities, issues to be discussed further..). One of the reasons? Well my dear Tatay pig has been hogging the laptop when he started playing Poker (nah it's all good). Atleast he is just playing with play money nothing to big to be an issue, although the time spent using this poor little thing is quite alarming. Nah he's my Dad so what the heck.

The news suck here as usual, not to MELODRAMATIC to be written about, all the same trash being tossed back and forth (*yawn*).

What else oh yeah MR. BIG is a thing of the past (hahaha).. He is now dead and passe (not literally dead, just dead in my files rotfl). Although I am happy that I am friends with the Xs, I feel awkward and weird.

Anyways, I really love doing the events thing (you know the previous blog about GOODFELLAS PRODUCTIONS..). I get to meet a lot of different people which I like and finally noticed my tolerance for alcohol is beginning to be AWESOME.. Other than that I was able to get the privilege of meeting GREAT PEOPLE with HUMONGOUS HEARTS (you know who you are guys.. :D GOODFELLAS). I was able to see the real me and what I really want to do, I believe I was wrong when I took CULINARY (ouch.. bang bang boom!). Maybe I was meant to take a different course ADVERTISING or MultiMedia Arts (Harharhar.. Yet my Big Brother Tattoo was insisting that I should take up a course in UP).

Other than being a professional Bum, I also take sometime to look after my cute niece and nephew. Planning to go GOTH as well, watching youtube and all that.

Once I am too EXPIRED I will blog something wicked for you guys..