Sunday, December 13, 2009


Okay MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) a been banning shows hat thy have deemed to be immoral for FILIPINO viewers. To name some of the shows (the ones aired in VELVET) The L WORD (I love this show) and now they want to stop BIG LOVE from being aired.

Currently, the Family Media Advocacy Foundation, an NGO, filed charges to the Regional Trial Court regarding his issue..

According to them, it is immoral, , indecent and contrary to law and does not meet any of the expectations of FILIPINO CULTURE/TRADITIONS.

Here's my take...

First of all I don't find The L Word a bit immoral (What' wrong with showing "Affections" towards the same sex? People are all equal whether they like it or not. ). It just tries to show (safe to say gay love? BTW the girl's in that show are really HOT) about gay love, what people go through with this type of relationship and such. The show is aired in the wee hours of the morning for crying out loud! What even really sucks here is that people make such a big fuss about this certain types of incidents (As if they haven't made out with a person although it would be with the same gender). Reality check, ya'll can't oppress the gay community anymore.

BIG LOVE, is a show that revolves around the family's struggles to live their polygamous lifestyle while keeping it a secret from the outside world. FAMAF thinks that this series should be stopped from being aired (I think they already did.. BUt THANK YOU HBO!!!) and I think that it should not. In my case in order for me to understand a certain information or whatever the hell it is, would love to watch a show or a movie about that certain incident etc. For this show, it made m understand what POLYGAMY is about, the religion and the perspectives of what an individual feels in a polygamous relationship (if you watch the show, you would be able to notice that there are certain characters who are opposed to their situation.).

I am not promoting that being a polygamist is something to be idolized. Rather watching these shows that I have mentioned above gave me insights about the "THINGS" that are some what new to me (errr... on the contrary not that new. I just love how the story FLOWS).

Yes it would be nice to keep the FILIPINO CULTURE and TRADITIONS alive and well intact however what harm would it do to show these series that can really depict about REALITY. Makes me ask what is REALITY to FICTION NOW when there are things that we can assume to come into reality? IS it so DEMORALIZING to watch (duh, there were people opposed as well with Harry Potter cause it talks about NECROMANCY as well as the da vinci code.. YET THEY STILL KICK A**)?

They have the right to say whatever the think is deem right for them however, they should try to watch the whole season to get the picture..No harm doing that (SO WHAT DOES THE PARENTS DO? HELLO PARENTAL GUIDANCE ???)

here's some info about the said shows

Friday, November 27, 2009

Definition of A sick Bastard

Can you ever define what a SICK BASTARD is?

According to Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary:

spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt...
mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered...

According to WIKIPEDIA:

A derogatory term for an unpleasant person...

Almost everyday in one's life one most come across a SICK BASTARD. These type of people are a pestilence to society. More over they are demented gits who are freakishly cursed to roam around the earth to defame, aggravate, stalk, scam, and create libelous antics towards people who do not agree with their ideas.

Anyways sick bastards are also fueled by their passionate desire to destroy someone's else identity, spamming them with such irrelevant remarks that is seriously morbid. Thinking about these type of people with such lowly lives is really despicable. All they do is just oogle their eyes on their computers, laptops etc to stalk on their easy prey..


You get the Picture...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

When things could not get any worse than it is supposed to be, I think that we are all wrong...
First incident was the intensity of the brutal road rage that killed a son of a Malacanang official. Currently the suspect named "Jason Ivler" remains at large (was also convicted of another incident a few years back.. WTF the suspect is HOT, but wrong is WRONG *sigh*).

Yet last Monday, Noember 23, 2009, everyone was surprised with the brutal massacre that happened in Maguindanao.. Yes it was appaling as the body count started to raise (as of now the total body count is around 46) in numbers that startled everybody sane..

There are a lot of speculatons that the mastermind of such horrific incidents was from the Ampatuan clan (here in the Philippines, political dynasties are such a big THING. Rumor has it that the clan has a private army, who knows?) and his other kins. What is even more mind boggling was that what those bastards did to the women (to name one Mrs. Jenalyn Mangudadatu, upon examination f the corpse, a breast was shot, other than that, her vagina was sliced-off and shot as well, eyes were punctured). People who think straight would not do such animalistic tendencies to these people (the convoy believed that having the media with them would be enough security for them but they are DEAD wrong.).

What fueled this massacre? One of the possible and only POSSIBLE cause is POLITICALLY MOTIVATED(Greed, crab mentality). Is this how people think that a democratic government should be governed by one family? If this is what they think of as a DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT then I"LL BE DAMNED (the higher you are the harder you WOULD FALL)! Now the Philippines is under the watchful eye of scrutiny.







Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have this thing for eating takoyaki so much but with the experience that I had with one takoyaki stall within the premises of a supermarket (ummm ever.. ikr, kinda dull, but we went over to shopwise and s&r.. errr november 10, 2009 4pm).

The thing about me is that whenever I buy food from a stall is that I make sure that the things that they would be using would be sanitary.. Yet there were somethings that horrified me.

* she was not using any disposable gloves when she was turning the food(if she does not want to use sanitary gloves, she should have a hand sanitizer near or her or a sink to wash her hands because she was also handling money).

* When she received my payment, she just tossed it inside this money box, (btw which is near the disposable plates) where in the money fell on the disposable plates.

Upon seeing what happened to the supposed plate, I kindly asked her if she could change the late that she would be using for the food. She just looked at me and asked why? (Mother Effff, is it just me or is that person already used to eating on dirty plates/containers?) I simply said that I saw what happened earlier when she tossed my payment to the box then it plummeted to the disposable plate instead..

i swear by that instant I wanted to pluck her eyes out... Bad customer service ???? hell yes it was... Never had done something like that to a customer when we were selling food during tiangges..

Mortifying... Rants rants...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Philippine's Next President??

Only a few months are left until the next president of the Philippines would be declared. Right now, all the mediums are blasted with such ad campaigns or the candidates. Mediums, clouded with catchy songs about them, famous people endorsing them is a bit too much. I want to see a campaign that is RAW and FULL of insights, their platforms etc.

For some having a background of a well known POLITICAL DYNASTY & or being backed up by glamorous ACTORS & ACTRESSES, bores me too much (and yet people still vote for them) and removes their essence (for my point of view, their essence, what they really want to do, and what they have done for the people, country).

Yes you might have been brought up by that DYNASTY but so far, what have you DONE or CONTRIBUTED for the country?

Beso-beso with the stars? are you still going shoot for movies or still do sitcoms? (Why can't they just prioritize ONE JOB, it is either you serve your country men with your SWORN responsibilities or ACT til you get a GRAMMY or FAMMAS?)

Are we suppose to vote for some one who was already GIVEN a chance to lead yet FAIL so miserably? Let all his negative vibes hunt the people again?

Here's what I THINK....

* hence come the elections, I don't want to vote for someone who has not done anything so far as he or she sat in the government.

* I won't vote for some one who is being endorsed by GLAM PEOPLE. (I know these GLAM PEOPLE are beautiful and rich but WTF have they done so far for the people? I am not just talking about that they did help during the calamity and such, what have they done before THAT?)



* SHOULD I VOTE FOR SOMEONE THAT WOULD BENEFIT MY MONSTERS (MSpinkBiik i think you know this bs rotfl)?

Everyone needs to be smart and assuring that the people that they do would be backing up, voting for, supporting etc is worth all the trouble....

rants rants rants.... will rant soon..


Thursday, October 8, 2009

my poor blog site

PS: for the comments, all you have to do is click the utots link then click POST COMMENTS

It felt as if it has been decades since i blogged here. Nothing to serious to be busy about (partying, getting sick... REALLY SICK like FUBAR, crazy calamities, issues to be discussed further..). One of the reasons? Well my dear Tatay pig has been hogging the laptop when he started playing Poker (nah it's all good). Atleast he is just playing with play money nothing to big to be an issue, although the time spent using this poor little thing is quite alarming. Nah he's my Dad so what the heck.

The news suck here as usual, not to MELODRAMATIC to be written about, all the same trash being tossed back and forth (*yawn*).

What else oh yeah MR. BIG is a thing of the past (hahaha).. He is now dead and passe (not literally dead, just dead in my files rotfl). Although I am happy that I am friends with the Xs, I feel awkward and weird.

Anyways, I really love doing the events thing (you know the previous blog about GOODFELLAS PRODUCTIONS..). I get to meet a lot of different people which I like and finally noticed my tolerance for alcohol is beginning to be AWESOME.. Other than that I was able to get the privilege of meeting GREAT PEOPLE with HUMONGOUS HEARTS (you know who you are guys.. :D GOODFELLAS). I was able to see the real me and what I really want to do, I believe I was wrong when I took CULINARY (ouch.. bang bang boom!). Maybe I was meant to take a different course ADVERTISING or MultiMedia Arts (Harharhar.. Yet my Big Brother Tattoo was insisting that I should take up a course in UP).

Other than being a professional Bum, I also take sometime to look after my cute niece and nephew. Planning to go GOTH as well, watching youtube and all that.

Once I am too EXPIRED I will blog something wicked for you guys..


Saturday, August 8, 2009

busy bee

I've been out for like 2 months. What a drag so what gives?

Been partying with friends and working (sounds weird but definitely true) for the time being.

Issues are still boiling and never missed a part of it..

So far the issue that culminated for a week or 2 is about the death of the Democratic Icon "Mrs. Corazon Aquino", wife to the late Benigno Aquino, a devoted mother to her nation.

During the 10 day period of remorse, there were people pushing through to make Mrs. Aquino a National Hero. Do you think that this should push through? For all that I know and care to understand is that Mrs. Aquino is an icon for Democracy during the Martial Law. She exemplified the traits of some one who does not back down, keeps her head up and say "I want to fight for what is right and my rights..".

Simply this are my rants as of now...

So much for simplicity...


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My goodness.. I'll start on making my reviews about some of the supermarkets here in the HumiD METRoPoLIS of Quezon City...

Anyways, today me, my mum, my dad and niece Luli went to this supermarket/some what of a small time Department store called Walter Mart near Munoz and Project 7.. It was not like the chic chic of Rockwell and Rustan's combined yet the prices in the grocery are cheap (I think that the prices are recession friendly? rotfl) and I can say affordable..

Some of the employees are nice.. The structure is okay and yet it lacks some facilities and other structures specifically for handicapped people..

Come on! they have the grocery in the Effin First floor and you are not allowed to use the elevator if you are using a push cart. SPUTZ.. This elevator lady was like "I am sorry ma'am but you need to go to the specific elevator for the push carts".. I replied "As you can see my mum is handicapped you still can't let her use the effin elevator??"

I was stunned, so my attitude changed, I went "Oh NO YOU DIDN'T!!". My voice was getting louder, yapping all the way and saying "So you are putting up a friggin sign that says for the elderly and handicapped. You've seen my mum's using the push cart as her walker and you want her to go through that damned escalator thingy and loose her balance.. Do you want my mum to fall off face first? Are you CRAZY?"

Anyways, this is one of the LAMEST and STUPIDEST answers that I have heard of..

I might go back there sometime... THOUGH I WOULD NOT LET MY MUM GO THERE..

Handi capped friendly??? NO.. LACKS SUFFICIENT structures for the disabled..

PRICES... Cheap..

OVER ALL RATING.. i give them 3 stars out of 6 stars.....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diva... Kitties.. Boredom

Okay.. hooked to Beyonce's DIVA...

I always look up to Big Brother Tattoo(since we've spent most of our growing up years together)for anything new in music.. We both like HipHop and RnB although when it comes to trance and techno we don't jive together..

Anyways, I really love this song right now(together with Wynter's Sugar and Keri Hilson's Turning me on)and nice to listne to when I am jogging within the premises of the subdivision.. Current updates to my social life is ZERO.. Wait!!! I just talked to Mr. Baller a.k.a Cold Shoulder rotfl(you know who you are! lol! I appreciate the advice), Pader Syl (miss you and Mader), Met (full of sooooo much POSITIVITY! Teker!), Ofcourse MR.BIG (good luck with your shoot!), my cousin...

The highlight of my weekend was cleaning my brother's car which I love to do... (maybe I can open up a carwash now.. Bwuhahhahaha) People keeping me company are my stuff toys (Popo the small brown blingee dog, Blue's Clues, Stitch, Fluffy the huge brown dog,Mrs. Vio the violet hippo, Winnie the WHO and Tyke the huskie from AC). Not really people just them stuff toys (Yes I am a big fan of stuffed toys specially dogs..)

Last night,(as always) I was not able to sleep tightly because of the cries of the little kitties on my neighbor's roof.. It was drizzling last night. I saw 2 or 3 kittens on the neighbor's roof top with the mum..

Awww I miss Mougee and the CAT (I can still hear them now as I type, the poor kitties).. Poor kitties.. Will update soon..


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weird people in Poker..

I find it weird how fast guys say I LOVE YOU so easily and taking those special words so deliberately as if it is just one of those magical words that would penetrate a woman's head (these guys are so inept..)..

Anyways, in my previous blog, I sited there that I started playing Texas Hold'Em poker (which is addictive). I just played for fun and nothing more, although I really get upset with some of those "hooligans/smooth talkers" in those tables..

What is even more surprising is that they have the audacity to say such bile language and rudeness that I really don't try to give a crap about (there are times that those thwats get on my nerves and do such necessary precautions to make sure they got "dealt with and taught a lesson".. okay BRUSKO na toh..).

Other than those perverted uneducated thwats, there are also those punk noypi's as well. I find it amusing that they take up the courage to just ask you personal things. I was like "Hell NO! CLOSe BA TAYO? back OFF". So persistent that what I usually do is leave the table to avoid them..

There are slo incidents that has something to do with the siraulong mga banyagang tupi, they mutter things as if they RULE the world and they are the form of a heir human being (pack sheet.. anu bah toh?! Siguro lam ko na dahilan kung bakit may mga situations na hindi ako umaamor sa mga tupi)

Anyways, these suck ups makes the game even more interesting come to think of it..

OOhhh well lula bell... Going back to my other business and create some *thunder*


Thursday, June 11, 2009

the hate mail??

So you think you are lowliest being?

People/Humans are always upset about things they don't understand or when there are certain people who are not agreeing to what they believe in. However they still struggle like a faun fighting for dear life while a lion/tiger/hyena/crocodile etc. is already biting it on it's neck.

Yes there are certain things that we get upset about but why force people to believe in what they find wrong and immoral?

Creating issues I assume, creating traffic for their site and stuff.. That's so ludicrous. If you want to have a good traffic in your site, you need to have something positive or exciting in your blog.

Blogging is something powerful, you can create your own little world in it or generate chaos towards others. People don't really assume whether the blog is real or not (maybe),they just want to blog something deemed factual that can be backed up by proof or more of their online journal to the world.

There are cases when someone feels that they are being attacked by a certain group just because they wrote something about the situation and that person thinks "WTF, I'm going to shut that person down".

Blimey, blimey, blimey, for people who think like this, try getting a real life.. Move on forward, you can never change a person's ideologies, beliefs etc to make you feel better. It is so pathetic for me if someone pushes other people to like them or whatever reason it is. It's your life not theirs so making a big fuss on things that you do or don't understand would make it worst.

I admit that there are times that I feel so pessimistic yet the thought of my friends and the people who are around me is enough to regain my optimism..

So for whoever reads this lil blog of mine, don't mind the people who pull you down or demean you in ways that retaliation in a poorly, uneducated manner will lead you NO WHERE (hmmmm stalking, getting people's ip address, sending spam, hate mails, hate blogs (isn't this signs of a bully/mad person? someone with an inept mind,and KULANG SA UTAK o kaya'y isang delubyong tao na walang magandang bagay na may maibibigay sa mundo??))..

Retaliation, can be good and can be the biggest bitch slap in your life. Oh yeah, before posting anything in your blog... PLEASE ASK THE PERMISSION OF THE PERSON WHO OWNS THAT ARTICLE, PHOTO, ETC (although morons would not think twice about this, of course morons don't used their brains)..

Life is bitter you need to learn how to make it sweet.


WTF! the BLOKE is in FB too?!!!

Well, this is a free world and all that zippidee zappy moments that you hope that you don't need to encounter anymore..

How should I start the story here? Hmmm... For our main character, let's call him *ROBOT (this kinda rhymes with his last name.. HAHAHAHA). Anyways, *Robot is a hot half breed who was introduced to me around 2007. As a fresh grad, I was so ecstatic and excited to run the ruins of the so called REAL WORLD. What's more interesting at that time was that I had jsut broken off with a gutted fish lookking dweeb..

Moving forward, *Robot was the epitome of a guy that I really like (ehemmm, MR. BIG is the best of them all.. MR. BIG is the ZENITH! ), he was tall, tanned skin and a half breed (a.k.a mutt).

Unfortunate things happened that led to the demise of the so called whirl wind relationship.

No, I am not bitter that he left off or something. Yes, I did something to drove the bloke away. Yes, he was a coward. Fact, I am repulsed and upset seeing *Robot in the social networking stint.

But who am I to drive *Robot away from the torments and ups of FB?

Now, now, asking how I find out about him being there? He's in my s***list.. I can forgive but never forget (catching up my flow? childish, yeaha!).

Knowing that he is in FB makes me feel uncomfortable and restless (a very very bad way). What I did though was to block him so that he won't be able to see my profile here. Sounds so lame I know but I am getting uber upset and depressed here...



another day of looking after the kiddies

Okay it is another boring day again (yes yes i know that I lead a pathetic life.. rotfl)..
Again I am stuck here at home, making my buttocks bigger than the usual and ofcourse, I also spend my time cuddling with Brother Tattoo's babies..

The picture on top is Brother Tattoo's new baby bouncing tattoo boy..

I just find it a drag to change their poopie diapers, feed them and stuff but they look so adorable..

Specifically, I love playing with Doodles, she's very talkative and she mimicks everythign that I do (She's so funny, for example, when I tap my right foot, she does it as well.)

The sweetest thing that she did for me for today was to give me a bunch of small flowers that she plucked from her Godfather's house.. She was knocking on the door saying my name and gave me those small white simple flowers (Big Smile!!!)..

Just those small little things that these babies do make me laugh..(P.S. Please ask for permission if you wish to repost anything from my blogs.. thanks)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eventful day today

I consider this day so eventful for the simple fact that a lot of people are fighting for what they believe in (date June 10,2009)even though the AH1N1 scare is still prowling around the metropolis, people were marching towards paseo De rosas (is this right rosas or roxas?)in Makati City..

Raising their home made placards high, chanting the words that seem to be a catchy tune for people who are also crying for their plea...

Today, June 10, 2009, people marched for their plea and protest against CON ASS (constituent assembly also known as cha cha), fighting for the rights that are due to them...

On the other side of it, stand the police, ready with their shields, their cctv cameras to make sure that the gathering would be pleasant and avoid causing any rockus on the streets.. Some might think that the government is trying to destabilize this plot, maybe they are, mayber they are not..

Can grimmy hands be cleaned?

Bagiou city, davao, UP DILIMAN etc. People from all walks of life are beating their drums and singing the hymns, their protests against con ass..

Delivering the message that sometimes fall on deaf ears...

Wishing both partys luck, hoping that no harm would be fall on each party. This is our freedom, showing that not all can be played by lousy here says..

No to conass.. Let's do this now.

(as much as i want to join this march, I am unable to do so as I am currently in a job interview.. OOOhh the sweet benefits of owning a laptop and wifi...)


Friday, June 5, 2009

conass... a good thing or bad thing?

Every one has been upset about the news regarding CON ASS also known as the Constituent Assembly (charter change, well it really sucks if it pushes through)..

Half of the country is opposed to this "MOVE" while others are working hard to make this action in fullthrotle..

According to WIKIPEDIA...

Constituent assembly or "con-ass" is one of the three modes in which the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines could be amended or revised. The other two modes are via People's Initiative and Constitutional Convention. The bicameral Philippine Congress (Senate and the House of Representatives) is in a Constituent assembly mode when they formally convene to propose amendments or revisions to the 1987 constitution; and under Article XVII of the Constitution of the Philippines, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members. The process of amending or revising the 1987 constitution of the Philippines is popularly known to many Filipinos as Charter Change. Any proposed amendment or revision to the 1987 Constitution shall only be valid when ratified by the majority of Filipinos in a plebiscite. (other reference is from chan ROBLES's virtual law library)

As I understand, if the constituent assembly is enforced, the people who are opposed to this action are afraid that some of the rights that every FILIPINO is enjoying in the country right now would be changed..

One of the possibilities could be that the law would be more linient towards the powerful and cross towards the needy.

Another issue is that because of the constituent assembly, the presiding President would be able to stay in POWER for how long she wants too (it feels depressing if you think about it.. One ruler for all eternity? Being deprived of our right to vote for a leader whom we feel will lead our nation to a better status.. I'm too depressed to think on what would happen to our breathrens.. Is this the reality that we've been fighting for? Are we really that stupid to let those whore-mongers/pigs get away with murder?).

Come to think of this if the government right now is such a mess, foreign investors are now having second thoughts about investing here in our country..

I also asked some respectable individuals question with regards to CON ASS. My question were the following:

1. What does con ass signify for you?
2. If it pushes through do you believe that a lot of our rights would be affected by such drastic moves? which laws or rights do you think would be affected/changed/removed?

Mr. Jim Paredes

A betrayal of the people

It will push through. Our congressmen were not voted there to form a constituent assembly. By their converting themseleves to one, they are fooling us. And we all know the purpose for con ass-- to extend term limits of GMA and their own. We are being deprived of voting for our leaders.(I do agree that by this move, the nation is being deprived of our rights to vote for our leaders. The sudden move is making a mockery of the people whom they are suppose to serve.)

other than that, I also came across a group STOP CONASS now which was created by Noli Benavent. (So for all of you in FB please join this good cause.. Too much is too much..)

Let me know what you think about this..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Men Made Easy

Men Made Easy (how I wish this thing is ooohhh sooo true)is a book from author Kara Oh, a relationship expert. The book is not about any gimmiks about men, but it offers you solutions to be able to let your partner know what you want so that they would be able to do it for you..

As per say men are not just toys that women intend to play on and on (they have emotions and such drives that makes us women go into frenzy). Witht the help of this book, you would be able to develop a better relationship with your men and to solve about conflicts/misunderstandings that you have with them as well.

For me though, the best way to talk to my man is to talk to him upfront. Come on, if your man is seriosu enough I believe a little bit of confrontation with him would not hurt a bit. Just be straighforward and let your man hear what you feel.

If you want any alternative ways to solve your ish, I suggest reading the book.

reezen TOtz

I love DirecTV!!

Back in New Jersey, I believe that my stay would be unpleasurable without Directv.
Directv is a satellite provider that provides digital and High definition channels with just one click of the "universal remote control"..

So what's so great about this service?

You've got to try their DVR service! It is the best thing next to a mac laptop. With the dvr service, I was able to record 2 shows at the same time while I am away for a specific time or while watching a different show (when NCIS and Ghost Hunters are on both, I get to watch them at a later time since I was able to record the shows while watching Dave Tutera's show.. this is so great!).

With their digital boxes, you are able to control the viewing pleasures as well.. I f you have kids at home, you would be able to lock channels that are not child friendly. Other than that, if your phone line is connected to your BOX (it can be your normal Digital box, hd, hddvr, dvr box etc) you would be able to order PPV movies with just one click of your remote control. The other advantage as well is for people who loves games, they have a specific channel for that called "The Game Lounge" were you can compete with other players.. For payments, it varies from online payment in, western union, moneygram, via mail, or throught the automated phone system.

What is even more appealing is that they have specific packages for sports junkies like NFL Sunday Ticket, the Sports Package, ESPN GAMEPLAN, ESPN MADNESS, NCCA MEGAMARCH MADNESS, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NASCAR HOTPASS, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NHL CENTER ICE, Setanta Sports and many many more (you just need to wait for the special offers for this packages before the season starts. Also be informed as well that once the season has started you would not be able to cancel them and are supseptible to blackouts.. But Come on! you have these amazing channels dedicated to each sport!)

Other than the special packages said, they also have international packages that are available to foreigners subsiding there (come on Noypis.. TFC...)

Anyways, if you want 100% digital programming and a variety of channels that the whole family will enjoy.. I suggest you sign up with Directv..

For more information about Directv.. Click the link direc tv


Sunday, May 31, 2009

addicted to Texas Hold'em Poker

these past few days, I ahve been addicted to this online game called Texas Hold'Em poker in facebook.

The game is simple and it is a lot of fun. Other than that, I get to bond with *Nephew ofcourse which makes it even better..

what's even more amazing is that my Dad plays everyday which makes me happy because he does not go to Poker Club anymore..

No updates as of the moment but I promise you I'll get back as soon as I can...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Kho Scandals...

Here in the Philippines, there is this big controversy/scandal running around the showbiz industry about a certain doctor named Dr. Hayden Kho (estranged ex boyfriend of Dra. Vicki Belo, one of the country's pioneer of cosmetic surgery here in P.I.).

So what is the fuss all about???

The fuss that has been running around is about is sex tapes that includes women in and out of showbiz. To name one, Katrina Halili, who is one of the country's prominent actress, is also entangled in the series (and the said cause of the deterioration of Kho and Belo's relationship).
Although she admitted that she and Kho had a relationship back then, she never realized that those alleged tapes would be publicized in YouTube and pirated VCDs (rumors say that those videos are private and he has already given the hard file (whatever it is called) to Dra. belo.. Other than that Kho believes that a certain Dr.Chua is the one responsible for publicly distributing the pictures).

I feel bad for all the women who were all caught in those scandalous videos without their consent. And for Hayden Kho, I do have to agree with Senator Revilla that Kho should be stripped off of his license as a doctor. I don't feel any remorse for him, he treated these women worst than animals (where the heck is his Morality???).

Does he deserve a second chance?

Second chance for his practice as a doctor is a NO NO.. Not only did he blemished the profession that opts to help, change and motivate people through medicine, he used his position by means to manipulate and DEGRADE women as a whole.

second chance as a human being? Yes he deserves that.

Let me know what you think about this issue


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LBC commercials sucks.. Imploring that stupidity is okay?

I really hate this current commercial from LBC Padala.. The reason is that they are implying idiocy to kids that when you spell remittance, it should be spelled as LBC. How pathetic can this be?

Other than that I find these commercials so cheap and making others think that the Education here in the Philippines is a piece of garbage..

This company is so low... I would rather go to fedex or ups that does not support stupidity among kids..

Please pull out those commercials!!!

wishing the people who made this concept diarrhea...


why being a bitch has it's pros

Being bitch has it's pros... People won't go walking around you and stepping hard on the face..

Every summer here in the Philippines, villages, subdivisions, barangays etc have this games called Liga's also known as basketball competitions through out the places here. Boy I can tell you that everyone likes to watch these games (we have a lot of good looking guys living inside the village and I can't blame them for that.)

Liga's are fun but there are times that there are certain teams that play as if they are brawling with thugs but the mere fact is that they are competing with players who are around 15-19 years old (Me and my nieces were so furious at those impecable gits.. Even you go there and say something nice they would think of something bad.. this is were the bitching starts.. lol).

Other than this old school playing brawlers, and there was also this weird 3rd rate human (I am not demeaning the 3rd sex, it's just that this "being" is so rude and all, it irks the hell out of me, I have lovely friends who are labeled in this bracket but they never acted like the one that I see during those games.)being who's fantasy is to humiliate and belittle my nephews.

The incident just happened last night. The game was great and my nephew's team won again. Yet i happen to see "Being*" watching in the crowd, saying negative audacious words to them that it makes them feel uncomfortable. After the game (oh my, I am sounding redundant here...) this Being* came up to them and wanted to befriend them. My nephee kindly said the word "NO." But the damned Being* did not respect his decision and keeps on bothering him. i got so pissed, and called security to not let that bastard in again.

I was so fired up and nthat Being* kept on saying somehting that I went up to him and told him "Don't you ever come here if you keep on pestering and acting rude towards my nephews. They are just kids and they don't need your patronization if you'll act sleazy and perverted around them."

I said that directly to his face..

Oh my, I can't help acting like a bitch if some one's acting sleazy or acting ill towards me or my family..

Wishing that being* major Diarrhea!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some times life goes wrong...

Some times life goes wrong.. It is already intertwined with our lives, already decided by faith...
Could the biggest possibility too is that we ourselves create our own destinies and even create our own graves.

There are times that we meet people who would lead us to greatness and who would also lead us to the greatest downfall that we could ever think of.

Have you ever experienced something so impish that it hits you back so hard that it smacks you out right on your face? Maybe you haven't maybe not but be rest assured that it would happen back to you 3 times fold.

I call it karma darling, whether it is good karma or bad karma be rest assured that it will always go back to you..

will let you in for more info soon.. stay tuned.. lol


Sunday, May 3, 2009

K.O second round...

Today (May 3 here in PI) was the boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was giggling during his entrance to the arena because Dave Batista was there (literally giggling in happiness). Looking at the people watching the fight, I sense the nervousness and intense support that they are giving for the People's Champ. He did not fail us this time.

I was expecting the fight would last around 10 bouts but I was caught in amazement when the Pac Man gave Hatton the finishing blow during the last 12 seconds (according to some sources 2:59 ) of Round 2.

This is something that makes me proud to be a Filipino..

Even though the fight was short, it was worth watching and supporting him for his fight...

Congratulations Manny P.!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's support our OFW's, the new HEROs

A month ago, I was able to read in the newspaper about the appeal of Senator Manny Villar (President of the Nationalista Party) to protect our OFW's from recessionary racism.

Villar: OFWs should be shielded from 'recessionary racism'
DOLE, OWWA, and embassies should be ready to extend help or advice
29 March 2009

Nacionalista Party President Senator Manny Villar expresses concern over reports that there is growing public hostility towards migrants and foreign workers in various countries worldwide and there is increasing incidents of so-called ‘recessionary racism’.

“Protectionism has become a buzz word amidst the ongoing global financial crisis. Although many are against the protectionist policies that some nations want to implement, it is a reality that many now have a tendency towards protecting their own economies and people,” cites Villar.

“The scarcity of job opportunities is causing desperation and anxiety among people. It has also led to growing resentment that foreigners are getting jobs in other nationalities’ home countries. This has given rise to recessionary racism. With millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) worldwide, we should ensure that they are protected from this,” further cites Villar. As one of the world's leading sources for skilled and unskilled workers, there are up to nine million Filipinos or about 10 percent of the population, living and working in 140 countries.

In the United Kingdom for instance, a spate of protest rallies have been taking place. The protesters were holding placards that read “British jobs for British people”. Moreover, a poll by Financial Times show that 78 percent of British adults believe that immigrants should be asked to leave the country if they do not have a job.

Even in some Middle East countries, there are reports that local citizens are harboring resentments towards foreign workers who are employed and are still getting employed when many of them are having difficulties landing jobs.

According to Villar, “These resentments and other sentiments against foreign workers are knee-jerk reactions to the economic hardships brought about by the global recession. But it does not mean that it should be tolerated or encouraged.”

Villar adds, “We need to prepare our OFWs about the possibility that they may be subjected to such attitude or treatment that can be described as recessionary racism and those who have experienced such should inform our labor offices. OFWs though should have a healthy attitude and peaceful approach when such incidents occur.”

In 2008 alone, the total global deployment of OFWs surged to more than 1.376 million in more than 190 host destinations worldwide. According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), a total of 1,376,823 OFWs were deployed worldwide last year, representing a growth of 27.8 percent compared to the 1,077,623 OFWs deployed in 2007. On a daily basis, some 3,772 documented OFWs were deployed globally last year.

(Visit Sen. Manny Villar's Page here)

What is Recessionary Racism?

Recessionary, from the root word recession, meaning:
1. The act or action of receding
2. A departing procession
3. A period of reduced economic activity
(from Merriam Webster)

Racism (don't you all hate this word!)
1. A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce inherent superiority of a particular race.
2. Racial prejudice or discrimination.
( from Merriam Webster)

If you try to combine both words (in my opinion) that the citizens of a nation are becoming hostile towards migrant workers (I.E. British jobs for British People).

For this action though, I believe this should be applied all over the world and not just for our OFW's but for all migrant workers making a decent living and working themselves out in various countries. (It is not new to hear about migrant workers, being treated worse than animals and deprived of their Human rights." hindi porket ofw o migrant ang isang tao, walang karapatan and ibang tao na nagmula sa ibang nation na maglait and cause harm onto migrant workers. Then they'll be going to such forums and ask why are blah against blah.. ")

As I see it, we can't blame the people who were given a chance to work abroad. For the simple reasons that they applied for that certain job and met the requirements of the company. Is it their fault that they were able to get the job (nope nope nope)? Every one knows that all countries are struggling right now and a lot of jobs are scarce,yet (damn) the people that you are acting "ILL (slang...)" with are giving their best, their 100% on their jobs to help out their beloved back in the Philippines.

Instead of fretting over spilled milk, why don't you get a new glass of milk?

Work Hard, Part Harder.... Sink or Swim?


Monday, April 27, 2009

G.I.'s are back

The G.I's are back, that's what runs inside my head whenever I hear the acronym V.F.A. also known as the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Mostly, there are Filipino's who are against the V.F.A have a lot of reasons why they do not want the G.I.s back (I am still clueless about what they are against the VFA, because it promotes prostitution (goodbye america movie), to much WESTERNization (is this a real word?), or because the real ones, who benefit from the said exercise, are the scrupulous impotent money grabbing politicians??).

Being clueless about such events is not acceptable for me so I burned the search engines of google and wikipedia. So here's what I got so far about the V.F.A.

The RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement is a bilateral agreement(A compromise between the political and cultural relations between two states.) between the Philippines and the United States consisting of two separate agreement documents (VFA - 1 and VFA - 2).

VFA -1

The Effect:

The primary effect of the Agreement is that it allows the U.S. government to retain jurisdiction over U.S. military personnel accused of committing crimes in the Philippines, unless the crimes are of "particular" importance to the Philippines. (This means that for crimes without this significance, the U.S. can refuse to detain or arrest accused personnel, or may instead prosecute them under U.S. jurisdiction.) The Agreement also exempts U.S. military personnel from visa and passport regulations in the Philippines.

The Agreement contains various procedural safeguards which amongst other things establish the right to due process and proscribe double jeopardy. The Agreement also prevents U.S. military personnel from being tried in Filipino religious or military courts[V 11]; requires both governments to waive any claims concerning loss of materials (though it does require that the U.S. honor contractual arrangements and comply with U.S. law regarding payment of just and reasonable compensation in settlement of meritorious claims for damage, loss, personal injury or death, caused by acts or omissions of United States personnel)[VI]; exempts material exported and imported by the military from duties or taxes [VII]; and allows unrestricted movement of U.S. vessels and aircraft in the Philippines [VIII].
VFA - 2

The Effect:

The primary effect of the Agreement is to require the U.S. government;
  • to notify RP authorities when it becomes aware of the apprehension, arrest or detention of any RP personnel visiting the U.S.
  • when so requested by the RP government, to ask the appropriate authorities to waive jurisdiction in favor of RP, except cases of special interest to the U.S. departments of State or Defense.

The Agreement contains various procedural safeguards which amongst other things establish the right to due process and proscribe double jeopardy[VIII 2-6]. The agreement also, among other provisions, exempts RP personnel from visa formalities and guarantees expedited entry and exit processing[IV]; requires the U.S. to accept RP driving licenses[V]; allows RP personnel to carry arms at U.S. military installations while on duty[VI]; provides personal tax exemptions and import/export duty exclusions for RP personnel[X, XI]; requires the U.S. to provide health care to RP personnel[XIV]; and exempts RP vehicles, vessels, and aircraft from landing or ports fees, navigation or overflight charges, road tolls or any other charges for the use of U.S. military installations[XV].

(Click WIKI and ChanRobles for more information)

Here's what I understand so far...

The reason that the VFA was formed is for the desire to strengthen international & regional security in the Pacific Area. More likely helping out our troops in (i.e) rescue missions, anti-terrorism, educating about new advancements in military technology (updated vehicels, different types of weapons, strategies, etc.).

It seems to be that the VFA has it's pro's in regards to the advancement of our military. Aiding our troops with the newest technology against terrorists. More to this, promoting RP - US ties.

The con's?


Article V

Criminal Jurisdiction

1. Subject to the provisions of this article:

(a) Philippine authorities shall have jurisdiction over United States personnel with respect to offenses committed within the Philippines and punishable under the law of the Philippines.

(b) United States military authorities shall have the right to exercise within the Philippines all criminal and disciplinary jurisdiction conferred on them by the military law of the United States over United States personnel in the Philippines.(In the US Military, they have their own Jurisdiction over criminal acts committed by their personnel. Independent from the government(does this apply here in PI as well???) )

2. (a) Philippine authorities exercise exclusive jurisdiction over United States personnel with respect to offenses, including offenses relating to the security of the Philippines, punishable under the laws of the Philippines, but not under the laws of the United States.

(b) United States authorities exercise exclusive jurisdiction over United States personnel with respect to offenses, including offenses relating to the security of the United States, punishable under the laws of the United States, but not under the laws of the Philippines.

(c) For the purposes of this paragraph and paragraph 3 of this article, an offense relating to security means:

(1) treason;

(2) sabotage, espionage or violation of any law relating to national defense.

3. In cases where the right to exercise jurisdiction is concurrent, the following rules shall apply:

(a) Philippine authorities shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over all offenses committed by United States personnel, except in cases provided for in paragraphs l (b), 2 (b), and 3 (b) of this Article.

(b) United States military authorities shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over United States personnel subject to the military law of the United States in relation to:

(1) offenses solely against the property or security of the United States or offenses solely against the property or person of United States personnel; and

(2) offenses arising out of any act or omission done in performance of official duty.

(c) The authorities of either government may request the authorities of the other government to waive their primary right to exercise jurisdiction in a particular case.

(d) Recognizing the responsibility of the United States military authorities to maintain good order and discipline among their forces, Philippine authorities will, upon request by the United States, waive their primary right to exercise jurisdiction except in cases of particular importance to the Philippines. If the Government of the Philippines determines that the case is of particular importance, it shall communicate such determination to the United States authorities within twenty (20) days after the Philippine authorities receive the United States request.

(e) When the United States military commander determines that an offense charged by authorities of the Philippines against United States personnel arises out of an act or omission done in the performance of official duty, the commander will issue a certificate setting forth such determination. This certificate will be transmitted to the appropriate authorities of the Philippines and will constitute sufficient proof of performance of official duty for the purposes of paragraph 3(b)(2) of this article. In those cases where the Government of the Philippines believes the circumstances of the case require a review of the duty certificate, United States military authorities and Philippine authorities shall consult immediately. Philippine authorities at the highest levels may also present any information bearing on its validity. United States military authorities shall take full account of the Philippine position. Where appropriate, United States military authorities will take disciplinary or other action against offenders in official duty cases, and notify the Government of the Philippines of the actions taken.

(f) If the government having the primary right does not exercise jurisdiction, it shall notify the authorities of the other government as soon as possible.

(g) The authorities of the Philippines and the United States shall notify each other of the disposition of all cases in which both the authorities of the Philippines and the United States have the right to exercise jurisdiction.

4. Within the scope of their legal competence, the authorities of the Philippines and the United States shall assist each other in the arrest of United States personnel in the Philippines and in handing them over to authorities who are to exercise jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of this article.

5. United States military authorities shall promptly notify Philippine authorities of the arrest or detention of United States personnel who are subject to Philippine primary or exclusive jurisdiction. Philippine authorities shall promptly notify United States military authorities of the arrest or detention of any United States personnel.

6. The custody of any United States personnel over whom the Philippines is to exercise jurisdiction shall immediately reside with United States military authorities, if they so request, from the commission of the offense until completion of all judicial proceedings. United States military authorities shall, upon formal notification by the Philippine authorities and without delay, make such personnel available to those authorities in time for any investigative or judicial proceedings relating to the offense with which the person has been charged. In extraordinary cases, the Philippine Government shall present its position to the United States Government regarding custody, which the United States Government shall take into full account. In the event Philippine judicial proceedings are not completed within one year, the United States shall be relieved of any obligations under this paragraph. The one year period will not include the time necessary to appeal. Also, the one year period will not include any time during which scheduled trial procedures are delayed because United States authorities, after timely notification by Philippine authorities to arrange for the presence of the accused, fail to do so.

7. Within the scope of their legal authority, United States and Philippine authorities shall assist each other in the carrying out of all necessary investigations into offenses and shall cooperate in providing for the attendance of witnesses and in the collection and production of evidence, including seizure and, in proper cases, the delivery of objects connected with an offense.

8. When United States personnel have been tried in accordance with the provisions of this article and have been acquitted or have been convicted and are serving, or have served their sentence, or have had their sentence remitted or suspended, or have been pardoned, they may not be tried again for the same offense in the Philippines. Nothing in this paragraph, however, shall prevent United States military authorities from trying United States personnel for any violation of rules of discipline arising from the act or omission which constituted an offense for which they were tried by Philippine authorities.

9. When United States personnel are detained, taken into custody, or prosecuted by Philippine authorities, they shall be accorded all procedural safeguards established by the law of the Philippines. At the minimum, United States personnel shall be entitled:

(a) To a prompt and speedy trial;

(b) To be informed in advance of trial of the specific charge or charges made against them and to have reasonable time to prepare a defense;

(c) To be confronted with witnesses against them and to cross examine such witnesses;

(d) To present evidence in their defense and to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses;

(e) To have free and assisted legal representation of their own choice on the same basis as nationals of the Philippines;

(f) To have the services of a competent interpreter;

(g) To communicate promptly with and to be visited regularly by United States authorities, and to have such authorities present at all judicial proceedings. These proceedings shall be public unless the court, in accordance with Philippine law, excludes persons who have no role in the proceedings.

10. The confinement or detention by Philippine authorities of United States personnel shall be carried out in facilities agreed on by appropriate Philippine and United States authorities. United States personnel serving sentences in the Philippines shall have the right to visits and material assistance.

11. United States personnel shall be subject to trial only in Philippine courts of ordinary jurisdiction, and shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of Philippine military or religious courts.

Smith is already released, Nicole already in the US... hmmmm

After reading and crunching my brains about this article, the only thing that makes me blink thrice is about how our Judicial System is such a suck up in some situtations that makes all of us Filipinos look stupid. Let me give you an example, remember the Subic Rape think going with the Nicole girl? There were 4 US soldiers who were accused of raping Nicole? They were not allowed to be taken into custody by Philippine Authority because of the Agreement.

The incident blew off some government officials and the militant groups. More likely, the agreement seems to be one sided (You can see how Americans defend their citizens from such accusations and the security they can provide for them).

Now I am even more confused....

here's an article from Philstar 03/18/09

MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Francis Pangilinan reiterated his call yesterday for the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) even as he is open to a “new and improved” version of the RP-US agreement.

However, Pangilinan said the VFA in its current form must first be terminated due to its irregularity.

“The current version of the VFA is very one-sided because it is enforceable in the Philippines, but not in the US,” Pangilinan said, adding that “the Philippine Senate has ratified the treaty but the US Senate has not. We should not accept such an arrangement.”

“We must reshape our ties with the United States in light of the reversal of the Bush doctrine and his now rejected war on terror,” Pangilinan added.

Pangilinan, who last month filed Senate Resolution 892 calling for the termination of the VFA, cited the Australian version as a possible benchmark for a revised agreement with the United States.

The SOFA, or Status of Forces Agreement of Each State in the Territory of the Other State, aims to “promote common security interests and enhance defense capabilities” between the Philippines and Australia.

Under the SOFA, “The Authorities of the Receiving State shall have jurisdiction over the members of the Visiting Force and its Civilian Component with respect to offenses committed within the territory of the Receiving State and punishable by the law of the Receiving State.”

Moreover, the agreement states: “The Authorities of the Receiving State shall have the right to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over members of the Visiting Force and its Civilian Component…”

When applied to the case of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, the American serviceman convicted of raping a Filipina, the SOFA would provide for Smith to be prosecuted and punished according to Philippine criminal laws. This would include involuntary detention in our own penal facilities, such as the New Bilibid Prisons.

“MalacaƱang itself admits that it has learned its lessons from the VFA experience and has applied these to the crafting of the SOFA,” Pangilinan pointed out. “This is a golden opportunity for us to reshape our foreign policy and uphold our sovereign rights.”

However, Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri called on groups and individuals seeking the repeal of the VFA to first weigh the pros and cons before seriously challenging the US government to withdraw their forces from the Philippines.

“We have an ongoing peace and order conflict in Mindanao where American troops help our soldiers spot the ICRC kidnap victims,” Zubiri said in an interview with ANC.

Share Your Tots... Time for some Pancit malabon...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need a Home..

I need a home.. That's the phrase that runs in my mind whenever I see stray cats and dogs.
Seeing those sad puppy eyes makes me sad. Blame the owners? Probably, owners are responsible for their pet's well being. If their owners treated them as family members, you would know how they would treat other people.

Even thought that they are animals, they have feelings too. I have to agree with some NGO's such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or PAWS (The Progressive Animal Welfare Society)and a real estate company Wilmington NC Real Estate (check out their contacts tab and their site as well for more information).

The said companies are in the move to help out stray animals and try to find a better home for them or release them back to their original habitats (for example PETA is against the use of animal testing for all products (going veggie??? ummm not yet ready... )).

Instead of buying pets, just adopt a pet from animal shelters. They are the ones that need you most. Pet's from animal shelters are as cuddly as the ones in pet stores. I consider them as the ones who were given a chance or new life to live with someone or a family that will give them opportunities that were not granted to them from their previous evil owners.


(pictures from:, and PAWS)


Monday, April 20, 2009

I think that I am okay

Last week's terror has already come to pass and little by little I am accepting that the material things that I have lost would never be given back to me.

I still have those crazy outbursts in the middle of the night thinking of the meanest things possible to elevate my feelings towards that hum bag of a helper.

I have to agree with what MsPinkBiik said, you can never argue with some one who lacks education or some one who does not know any proper reasoning (It is like arguing with the wall for me).

Forgiven (not yet)? Forgotten? As if!

What troubles me though were the pictures and videos of my niece inside the memory cards (And my pictures with friends grrrr).

Major Diarrhea to her and her witless accomplices..

What's the latest Rant???

Anyways, the latest rant currently in PI is about Ted Failon's wife, Mrs. Trina Failon Etong, committing suicide.

Some authorities think that Ted Failon must have killed his wife and others said that there weren't any foul play regarding the death of his wife..
What puzzles me the most are the following:

* Why did the helpers clean out the crime scene (what I heard was that they don't want the youngest daughter of Ted Failon to see the blood smeared inside the bathroom)?

* One of the officers (I think the head) Mabanag (not sure about the last name) used one of the evidences as a fan and even flaunted it with the media. Evidences should be kept and secured before releasing it to the press.

* The way the police ganged up on the Mrs. Failon's relatives which caused the CHR to investigate the matter. (The family was already pleading if they can continue the investigation with the sister Pamela tom since the victim is already dying) The were dragging the suspects like animals dragging them AROUND.

I am coming to a conclusion right now, that Police officers are becoming quite unfair to people who needs their help.

They are using their authority to scare everyone witless and confess to crimes that some people did not commit (Abuse of authority).

Do the Police here still have morals? Are they aware about the law on HUMAN RIGHTS?(for more info bout the human rights. Click here)

I need some clarity here..


Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was checking out my email last night and found out about open opportunities in my payperpost account.. I was looking for an opportunity that I will be able to talk and share about with other people.

I came across this term BLOG AGGREGATOR... So what is a BLOG AGGREGATOR?

To learn more about this, just go to this link to find out aggregators

According to wikipedia:

In general internet terms, a news aggregation website is a website where headlines are collected, usually manually, by the website owner. Examples of this sort of website are the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post.

and from

"Is a portal like-web application that displays posts from a group of closely related but separately hosted webblogs.. "

As I understand this is a type of application that can make or break you (lol). Why? People here would have the option whether or not they do like your site or not. Beyond that, it will be easier for people to check out blogs that they have in common.

No it's not useless.. I find it quite helpful. I might even be lucky enough to have more friends..

Apparently, I made one for myself in (my link which is called RANTS ---> Although I am thinking if there would be people like me who think about such crazy antics, serious and not so serious crazy antics..

I am thinking of creating a new one other than the first one I named called Rants.. Still thinking of the title though..

Let me know what you think...