Sunday, May 31, 2009

addicted to Texas Hold'em Poker

these past few days, I ahve been addicted to this online game called Texas Hold'Em poker in facebook.

The game is simple and it is a lot of fun. Other than that, I get to bond with *Nephew ofcourse which makes it even better..

what's even more amazing is that my Dad plays everyday which makes me happy because he does not go to Poker Club anymore..

No updates as of the moment but I promise you I'll get back as soon as I can...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Kho Scandals...

Here in the Philippines, there is this big controversy/scandal running around the showbiz industry about a certain doctor named Dr. Hayden Kho (estranged ex boyfriend of Dra. Vicki Belo, one of the country's pioneer of cosmetic surgery here in P.I.).

So what is the fuss all about???

The fuss that has been running around is about is sex tapes that includes women in and out of showbiz. To name one, Katrina Halili, who is one of the country's prominent actress, is also entangled in the series (and the said cause of the deterioration of Kho and Belo's relationship).
Although she admitted that she and Kho had a relationship back then, she never realized that those alleged tapes would be publicized in YouTube and pirated VCDs (rumors say that those videos are private and he has already given the hard file (whatever it is called) to Dra. belo.. Other than that Kho believes that a certain Dr.Chua is the one responsible for publicly distributing the pictures).

I feel bad for all the women who were all caught in those scandalous videos without their consent. And for Hayden Kho, I do have to agree with Senator Revilla that Kho should be stripped off of his license as a doctor. I don't feel any remorse for him, he treated these women worst than animals (where the heck is his Morality???).

Does he deserve a second chance?

Second chance for his practice as a doctor is a NO NO.. Not only did he blemished the profession that opts to help, change and motivate people through medicine, he used his position by means to manipulate and DEGRADE women as a whole.

second chance as a human being? Yes he deserves that.

Let me know what you think about this issue


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LBC commercials sucks.. Imploring that stupidity is okay?

I really hate this current commercial from LBC Padala.. The reason is that they are implying idiocy to kids that when you spell remittance, it should be spelled as LBC. How pathetic can this be?

Other than that I find these commercials so cheap and making others think that the Education here in the Philippines is a piece of garbage..

This company is so low... I would rather go to fedex or ups that does not support stupidity among kids..

Please pull out those commercials!!!

wishing the people who made this concept diarrhea...


why being a bitch has it's pros

Being bitch has it's pros... People won't go walking around you and stepping hard on the face..

Every summer here in the Philippines, villages, subdivisions, barangays etc have this games called Liga's also known as basketball competitions through out the places here. Boy I can tell you that everyone likes to watch these games (we have a lot of good looking guys living inside the village and I can't blame them for that.)

Liga's are fun but there are times that there are certain teams that play as if they are brawling with thugs but the mere fact is that they are competing with players who are around 15-19 years old (Me and my nieces were so furious at those impecable gits.. Even you go there and say something nice they would think of something bad.. this is were the bitching starts.. lol).

Other than this old school playing brawlers, and there was also this weird 3rd rate human (I am not demeaning the 3rd sex, it's just that this "being" is so rude and all, it irks the hell out of me, I have lovely friends who are labeled in this bracket but they never acted like the one that I see during those games.)being who's fantasy is to humiliate and belittle my nephews.

The incident just happened last night. The game was great and my nephew's team won again. Yet i happen to see "Being*" watching in the crowd, saying negative audacious words to them that it makes them feel uncomfortable. After the game (oh my, I am sounding redundant here...) this Being* came up to them and wanted to befriend them. My nephee kindly said the word "NO." But the damned Being* did not respect his decision and keeps on bothering him. i got so pissed, and called security to not let that bastard in again.

I was so fired up and nthat Being* kept on saying somehting that I went up to him and told him "Don't you ever come here if you keep on pestering and acting rude towards my nephews. They are just kids and they don't need your patronization if you'll act sleazy and perverted around them."

I said that directly to his face..

Oh my, I can't help acting like a bitch if some one's acting sleazy or acting ill towards me or my family..

Wishing that being* major Diarrhea!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some times life goes wrong...

Some times life goes wrong.. It is already intertwined with our lives, already decided by faith...
Could the biggest possibility too is that we ourselves create our own destinies and even create our own graves.

There are times that we meet people who would lead us to greatness and who would also lead us to the greatest downfall that we could ever think of.

Have you ever experienced something so impish that it hits you back so hard that it smacks you out right on your face? Maybe you haven't maybe not but be rest assured that it would happen back to you 3 times fold.

I call it karma darling, whether it is good karma or bad karma be rest assured that it will always go back to you..

will let you in for more info soon.. stay tuned.. lol


Sunday, May 3, 2009

K.O second round...

Today (May 3 here in PI) was the boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was giggling during his entrance to the arena because Dave Batista was there (literally giggling in happiness). Looking at the people watching the fight, I sense the nervousness and intense support that they are giving for the People's Champ. He did not fail us this time.

I was expecting the fight would last around 10 bouts but I was caught in amazement when the Pac Man gave Hatton the finishing blow during the last 12 seconds (according to some sources 2:59 ) of Round 2.

This is something that makes me proud to be a Filipino..

Even though the fight was short, it was worth watching and supporting him for his fight...

Congratulations Manny P.!!!