Friday, February 27, 2009


Liam Neeson at the world premiere of “Seraphim...Image via Wikipedia

I just got home from the mall.. Me, MspinkBiik and Cyclops watched the movie called Taken starring Liam Neeson...

The story is about a Dad who tracked down his daughter who was abducted sans arriving to Paris by Albanian mugs (they sell young tourists as sex slaves..)

It was a nice movie, I like the action and I find it a bit fast paced.. But hell I love the way he smashed those mugs' faces... those freakin bastards.. LOL

Although it's a PG movie, get ready for them teeners watching it as well as they get rowdy and noisy..


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too much excitement!!

OMG! i have one more week to go and I am going back to PI...

Goodness, I've been having those sleepless nights due to my excitement.. I can't think of anything to blog nor do something radical to get my brain working back.. Actually the reason that I am having a hard time sleeping was due to the fact that I don't know how to organize my luggage..
Argghh, why do they need to have those limits?

These past few weeks I have been exercising (I am thinking of the Bastita muscles and such but what the hay! lol ) which really fuels me a lot...

Other than that, people at home got sick due to the flu.

I am also happy because I get to meet up with my friends again and party up with them..

I just find American Life too dreary and fast paced (Meant no offense to anyone out there...). The way that I see it is that a person works 5 days a week, spend their week ends at home. I just find it boring, no gush of excitement and "BLAH"... It's all about home then work then home.. Too repetitive, it's making me more loony than usual.

Yet the money they earn is justifiable for their means.. But I am afraid to say this but "IT IS REALLY BORING"...

Arrggghh.. I still like you AMerica.. No Hard Feelings AIght..



Monday, February 9, 2009

General Contractor from HELL

General Contractor

A general contractor is a group or individual that contracts with another organization or individual (the owner) for the construction, renovation or demolition of a building, road or other structure. A general contractor is defined as such if it is the signatory as the builder of the prime construction contract for the project.

A general contractor is responsible for the means and methods to be used in the construction execution of the project in accordance with the contract documents. Said contract documents usually include the contract agreement including budget, the general and special conditions and the plans and specification of the project that are prepared by a design professional such as an architect.

A general contractor usually is responsible for the supplying of all material, labor, equipment, (engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. To do this it is common for the general contractor to subcontract part of the work to other persons and companies that specialize in these types of work. These are called subcontractors.

Most contractors are required to be licensed in each state and may be required to take an oral and written exam.

This is the definition that I got from wikipedia.

Let me tell you about a Gen. Contractor from HELL..

*Ms. H had a rough year. Even though the economy is in a slump, she is working hard to give her family a better life. By means, the renovation of her home is one of the keys to that and she decided to hire a contractor.

He was young, and by his looks, he seemed to be trustworthy. *Ms.H obliged and signed a contract with him to have her home fixed up into tip top shape..

Yet as the saying goes, "looks can be deceiving," she did not know what was coming right at her.

At first, Gen. Contractor told her that the home that she and her family lived for many years, needs to be demolished. She obliged and gave him the go signal. All the trust was given to Gen. Contractor, knowing that he will be doing his job to the fullest and give his customer what is due to them.

Construction was flowing as it should be when *Ms. H started receiving messages for him. Asking more "Bread" for some supplies. There was a nagging feeling that was ebbing, a gut feeling that everything would be a mess.

Then a call came, Gen,Contractor said he was bankrupt. Her dreams for a beautiful home for her family was shattered. All the money that she has saved all of those years, have been crushed with that one word. It was a lifetime investment and then Gen. Contractor assuring her that everything would be okay turned out to be the evil incarnate.

Thoughts started running in her head. Where would she stay? What will happen now?

Since her home was still in dismay, Gen. Contractor offered her one of the houses he was currently rebuilding. (I call it a house since everything is still in dismay but still, people can live there. Can be called a house but never a home.)

Currently *Ms.H is taking actions towards this corrupt soul. I do hope that everything would work out smoothly.

Love you lots..

happy valentine's day to everyone!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


For you people out there. If you want to get scared shitless. What I can suggest you play this game called "Hotel 626."

I started playing this game last year around the month of November, and hell yeah, I was freaking out..

That was the picture taken when I was playing it.. Man, jeepers creepers..

Doritos created this ad campaign for their latest chips.. (I know that I should have made this blog last year but what the heck right?!)

In the beginning of the game, you would wake up in your hotel room and the experience would be from your point of view..

Just try it yourself and let me know what you think about this.. =)

love you lots

Back to the FIRM aerobics

Last Tuesday, I have decided to go back and do the work out videos that I procrastinated a lot of times, so now i decided to get back into shape.

I like the work out videos from the firm because of the results that you would get in just 10 work outs..

Waaahhh.. Last saturday and sunday, I was not able to do that so today I need to work out again..
I need to get in tip top shape before Mspinkbiik's wedding..

wish me luck guys..

Love you LOTS!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can't blog anything!! GRRRr!

I can't blog anything for hte past few days and it is really frustrating! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

Is this some sort of a writer's block? NOOOOOOOO!!! harhahrhar

Writer's block

A phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity. Writer's block can also be a hindrance even when the writer feels that they already have a story in mind but can get no further than part of that story.

If this is the case, then I am going blog about this.

according to wikipedia

Writer's block can be closely related to depression and anxiety,two mood disorders that reflect environmentally caused or spontaneous changes in the brain's frontal lobe. This is in contrast to hypergraphia, more closely linked to mania, in which the changes occur primarily in the temporal lobe. These processes, and their implications for treatment, are described in neurologist Alice Weaver Flaherty's book The Midnight Disease.

Depression - WTF?? I am not depressed..

Anxiety - I am always anxious.. lol

From Tillie Olsen's point of view (book Silences)

Olsen argues that historically many women and working-class writers have been unable to devote themselves to, or concentrate on, their writing because their social and economic circumstances prevent them from doing so.

On the other hand from Owl.purdue
Some writers have various ways of writing and a variety of things can cause a writer anxiety which leads to WRITER'S BLOCK.

In the said website they made an outline regarding symptoms of the WB and possible cures that can help a person to get back on track.

Symptom: You were assigned a topic that bores you nor gives you any interest
Possible Cure: You can choose a particular aspect of the topic you are interested in or talk to a tutor on how you can personalize a topic to make it more interesting.

Right now, I can't determine whether I am anxious nor stressed out. The rhythm that I used to have suddenly died down and I can't see any ebbs from it.

I have googled it and i found a site that can hopefully help with my current situation...

From a site called LEO, it gave some tips on how to overcome WB.

Experiment -- Try to write in different places, at different times, and with different writing instruments.

Freewrite - Choose one sentence in a paragraph and write a paragraph about it. Then choose one sentence from that paragraph and do it again.

Cluster - Choose key words and ideas; then write associated ideas and words in clusters around them. This process often forms new ideas.

Be flexible -- Be willing to throw out sections of text that are causing problems or just don't work.

Follow a routine -- Follow a routine to get into the writing mood. Try activities like wearing comfortable clothing, using a certain pen, or listening to a particular CD or type of music.

Move -- Physically move around, stretch, or walk.

Take a break -- Get a snack or drink, talk to someone, or just relax for five minutes before starting to write again.

Concentrate -- Focus on a different section or aspect of your paper. This sometimes leads to new insights in problem areas, while allowing you to get work done on another section.

Re-read -- Read a print draft of the paper and jot down ideas while reading.

Relax! -- The more you worry, the harder it gets to think clearly.

And from wiki...

* Scheduling time to write and work, regardless of the quality of the output.
* Engaging in brief periods of "free writing" or "mind writing," in which people impulsively write whatever comes to mind.
* Join a traditional Writing Group or join a free online writing group.
* Challenging negative thoughts about one's skill or ability to write.
* Using writers' exercises such as "chunking". They use many websites that contain numerous creative writing exercises. Writers read an exercise, and do it.
* Use the process known as automatic writing
* Taking a break, meditating, or doing relaxation exercises to relieve any pressure on oneself and on the writing.
* Doing something out of the ordinary. If writer's block comes from a lack of new ideas, attempts to spark creativity by going somewhere new or doing something different can be useful.
* Returning to the writing after a lapse of a day or two.
* Write a basic plot outline of the story if having problems keeping the story on the rails.
* Brainstorming at the beginning of the writing can help the writer by relating every point to another.
* Reading, watching movies or plays, or similar activities that might bring inspiration.
* Going out to get some fresh air.
* Similarly, diet and exercise are linked to optimal performance of mind and body - thus, keeping oneself in good health is important for creative output. Aerobic exercise oxygenates the brain, and walking in particular is a time honored remedy for creative block.
* Set your writing down, go out and do something (something that will keep you busy) and then come back in a few hours with a fresh mind.
* Try asemic writing.

( from Wiki...

Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic means "having no specific semantic content".

Illegible, invented, or primal scripts (cave paintings, doodles, children's drawings, etc.) are all influences upon asemic writing. But instead of being thought of as mimicry of preliterate expression, asemic writing can be considered as a postliterate style of writing that uses all forms of creativity for inspiration.

Some asemic writing has pictograms or ideograms, which suggest a meaning through their shape. Other forms are shapeless and exist as pure conception.

Asemic writing has no verbal sense, though it may have clear textual sense. Through its formatting and structure, asemic writing may suggest a type of document and, thereby, suggest a meaning. The form of art is still writing, often calligraphic in form, and either depends on a reader's sense and knowledge of writing systems for it to make sense, or can be understood through aesthetic intuition.

Asemic writing can also be seen as a relative perception, whereby unknown languages and forgotten scripts provide templates and platforms for new modes of expression.

Asemic writing occurs in avant-garde literature and art with strong roots in the earliest forms of writing.)

* Review and if necessary reorganize source material or notes.
* Listen to music.

So here's what I am going to do..

I am going to do some hiphop abs workout after this and I'll come back if it is true that I have refreshed my mind.. Sometimes, exercising or listening to my music really works..

Okay guys, catch you all later!!

Love you lots!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes.. I admit you all that I am addicted to online games..

I know that it is so childish yet, the games are super funny and it also releases some of the stress that I got.

The games that I play though is through the applications in MYSPACE and other safe sites..

Why don't you try and play some.. You might be lucky enough to meet new people.. =)

love lots!!!! mmmwwwuuuaahhh!!


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Site under overhaul

Hello guys.. I am currently tweaking my site.. please bare with me..

love you all!!! mwwwuuaaahhh

face in a hole..

I have been antisocial for the past few days due to childish tendencies that prevents me from blogging. anyhow, I came across this site called where you can cut out your face and slab it on someone else body.. it is so fun.. just look at this pictures!

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Create your own FACEinHOLE

let me tell you guys, I got so addictive on this that I made a bunch of pictures and posted it in my facebook account..


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