Monday, August 31, 2015

Cartoons and thoughts

I really have to admit that I am a kid at heart; certainly a grown ass woman like me should think more like an adult (which I certainly do). But to escape the reality I am right now, I indulge myself with watching cartoons.

As a 90's kid I grew up watching The Simpsons, Yuyu Hakusho, Daria, Batman animated series to name some. Back then I never understood what the show was about until I reached my teens (the unyielding shenanigans of some of the characters.) on how the topics are typically more for the adults. Many years passed and certain genres have arrived in the world of animation (Japanese anime etc) and the story lines are getting more PG or something.

I enjoy some of the cartoons but there are certain cartoons I don't like as it exhibits that the show is for a specific gender group. I grew up with my brother and I can proudly say that the things that we watched are pretty balanced as I would watch Xmen with him while he watches Sailor Moon with me. There were times I felt bothered that there were toys (ie Toy Guns) that I am not allowed as my parents quoted that it was for boys.

As we speak I am doing a marathon of the Simpsons and such nostalgia is coming back to me, I might be a grown ass woman but I can still relate to the youngins since i get to watch the shows that some of them watch.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Until Dawn

I don't have a gaming console although I do enjoy playing games when given a chance. To quench my thirst for games, I peruse Youtube and Twitch to watch play/walk through of games that I am interested about.

Lately I am engrossed with the adventure, horror, survival game called "Until Dawn".

imaged grabbed from Playstation's Website.

To give you a gist about the game here's the description from Playstation's Website
Eight friends trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone.  Gripped by dread, with tensions running high, they must fight through their fear if they all hope to make through the night in one piece.
Play as each of the eight characters and experience fear like you never have before. Every decision you make in your terrifying search for answers could mean the difference between life and death, but for whom?  Your actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn.
The Key features of the Game:
  1. Gripping Story - What's a game without a story? Let me tell you that upon watching the previews for this game got me hook and not to mention story was written by Larry Fessenden (the movie "I Sell the Dead")& Graham Reznick (the movie "The House of the Devil") 
  2. Next-Gen Horror - You will be using a more evolved "Killzone™ Shadow Fall engine". I dare say that you should be prepared for a lot of jump scares (Mummy! i need my blanket!). 
  3. Choice and Consequences - No brainer for the explanation but what's really cool about this is whenever you start over the game, there would be new choices to choose and the items that you need to finish your objectives will be located in a different area (Amazeballs!).
  4. Butterfly Effect - Think about the "Chaos Theory", it is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change can trigger large differences in the last state (ie like when you touch the water in the pool, then the ripple happens; think of the game called "Life is Strange").
And not to mention that the characters are very familiar such as Hayden Panattieri, Peter Stomare (aka John Abruzzi from Prison Break) and Meaghan Martin (movie Camp Rock) to name a few.

here's a teaser from the Playstation Website and Youtube.

For the walkthroughs/playthroughs go check out these folks' Youtube Channels:
  1. MKIceAndFire - He does the live streaming of the game via Twitch and he also has the no commentary walkthroughs. 
  2. Pewdiepie - You're going to laugh so hard when he gets scared asf, just check out the face he makes.
  3. GhostRobo - It's like watching your younger brother playing the game and the advice of having a warm hot cocoa is really cool. 
  4. GameRiot - He's got this Brit accent and when he get's surprised he'd be like calm

Let me know what you guys think of the game. Til the next Post!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When I started to like the beach..

When I started to like the beach was when I went to Coron, Palawan.

This adventure took trip last month and I had mix feeling about it, thinking about the sun and how dark I was going to be. I was unable to sleep at night due to the excitement and the adventure that was waiting for me ahead.

Took off around 4:30AM to avoid the traffic and we spent around 2 hours or so at the airport. I couldn't contain my excitement and the energy was invigorating. 


We had to ride this small BUS to ride the small airplane; it was the same shiz for me but I was blown away when I saw the view on my window. After passing the horrendous (Yes the view above Metro Manila is some what horrible because you see the traffic from there...) view of the metropolis, excitement took place when I saw the sea..

En route to Coron, I get to see these islands and the changing colours of the water from sapphire to turquoise. I felt like a kid again as I saw the beauty of those small islands and the waters.  

Best part of the trip was when we were island hopping from one place to the other; climbing up a mountain to go to the lagoons, snorkeling with the fishes and counting how many jellyfishes we had passed by. 

In every trip there is always a down side to things, but not all the time. We stayed at Casa Fidelis. It was clean; the staff are very accommodating and nice; the variety of FOOD was AMAZEBALLS! But we had some issues with the room I stayed in with my atchi. 

First day at the hostel the screen of the window fell on my head, accidents happen but I was smackledorked that I was no longer in the city. I found it eerie that I started to hear all types of insects and lizards and amphibians that got me anxious. I did not mind it much at first since we were outside so I had to suck it up.   

I don't place the hostel responsible for the blackouts happening but it was uncomfortable sleeping at night (for goodness sake it is the monsoon season but what the heck).

But what I hated most was that our room was like part of the natural habitat surrounding the area.... There were tuckoos mutting out "Tuuu-Ckooo" at night and I found one under the mat (literally under the mat); a lizard that died under my atchi's bed (it was alive before it succumbed to suffocation); a toad in the wash room; and a bat in the ceiling. 

I was BEYOND mortified at night but the things that made me overcome these events was I was with family.  

Would I be visiting Coron, Palawan? - Hell YES!

Would I go back to Casa Fidelis? - Ofcourse! So far they are really hospitable and accommodating that I would surely go back there.

For now looking forward to another beach trip in a few months or so; gearing up with more glutathione arsenal and higher SPF. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Coffee and Free time

After months and months of hibernation; I now have the time to blog (yes!!!).
So far I am currently thinking of what I need to blog about so give me a few hours to whip off some catastrophe.

for the past months I was working as a Quality Analyst for a BPO company and life work balance was taking it toll. I needed to set some personal priorities straight and come the month of July 2015 I decided to pass my resignation letter.

Anyways just writing a few things for now and will be posting some crazy shenanigans soon,