Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baguio Love 2012

Last summer I went to Baguio City to wash off the stingy smell if the humid and ├╝ber effed up stench of the metropolis... Yes it was a good summer for me..


I miss this crazy little world

It's been a year since I opened my humble blog site.. The stench of malice, laughter, idiocy, twisted, and craziness is all over my page.

So far I haven't been updated w/the happenings here in the blogosphere that I feel like an alien all over again (lol) so what's up with me? Well let me show you...

Yes I've become obsessed with tats and no it's not to a point that I want to be covered all over.. Will blog soon after the ramblings in my head subsides as I gather my thoughts..

My inks courtesy of Myke Sambajon of P and P tattoo. For more information follow them in twitter @pandptattoo