Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My goodness.. I'll start on making my reviews about some of the supermarkets here in the HumiD METRoPoLIS of Quezon City...

Anyways, today me, my mum, my dad and niece Luli went to this supermarket/some what of a small time Department store called Walter Mart near Munoz and Project 7.. It was not like the chic chic of Rockwell and Rustan's combined yet the prices in the grocery are cheap (I think that the prices are recession friendly? rotfl) and I can say affordable..

Some of the employees are nice.. The structure is okay and yet it lacks some facilities and other structures specifically for handicapped people..

Come on! they have the grocery in the Effin First floor and you are not allowed to use the elevator if you are using a push cart. SPUTZ.. This elevator lady was like "I am sorry ma'am but you need to go to the specific elevator for the push carts".. I replied "As you can see my mum is handicapped you still can't let her use the effin elevator??"

I was stunned, so my attitude changed, I went "Oh NO YOU DIDN'T!!". My voice was getting louder, yapping all the way and saying "So you are putting up a friggin sign that says for the elderly and handicapped. You've seen my mum's using the push cart as her walker and you want her to go through that damned escalator thingy and loose her balance.. Do you want my mum to fall off face first? Are you CRAZY?"

Anyways, this is one of the LAMEST and STUPIDEST answers that I have heard of..

I might go back there sometime... THOUGH I WOULD NOT LET MY MUM GO THERE..

Handi capped friendly??? NO.. LACKS SUFFICIENT structures for the disabled..

PRICES... Cheap..

OVER ALL RATING.. i give them 3 stars out of 6 stars.....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diva... Kitties.. Boredom

Okay.. hooked to Beyonce's DIVA...

I always look up to Big Brother Tattoo(since we've spent most of our growing up years together)for anything new in music.. We both like HipHop and RnB although when it comes to trance and techno we don't jive together..

Anyways, I really love this song right now(together with Wynter's Sugar and Keri Hilson's Turning me on)and nice to listne to when I am jogging within the premises of the subdivision.. Current updates to my social life is ZERO.. Wait!!! I just talked to Mr. Baller a.k.a Cold Shoulder rotfl(you know who you are! lol! I appreciate the advice), Pader Syl (miss you and Mader), Met (full of sooooo much POSITIVITY! Teker!), Ofcourse MR.BIG (good luck with your shoot!), my cousin...

The highlight of my weekend was cleaning my brother's car which I love to do... (maybe I can open up a carwash now.. Bwuhahhahaha) People keeping me company are my stuff toys (Popo the small brown blingee dog, Blue's Clues, Stitch, Fluffy the huge brown dog,Mrs. Vio the violet hippo, Winnie the WHO and Tyke the huskie from AC). Not really people just them stuff toys (Yes I am a big fan of stuffed toys specially dogs..)

Last night,(as always) I was not able to sleep tightly because of the cries of the little kitties on my neighbor's roof.. It was drizzling last night. I saw 2 or 3 kittens on the neighbor's roof top with the mum..

Awww I miss Mougee and the CAT (I can still hear them now as I type, the poor kitties).. Poor kitties.. Will update soon..


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weird people in Poker..

I find it weird how fast guys say I LOVE YOU so easily and taking those special words so deliberately as if it is just one of those magical words that would penetrate a woman's head (these guys are so inept..)..

Anyways, in my previous blog, I sited there that I started playing Texas Hold'Em poker (which is addictive). I just played for fun and nothing more, although I really get upset with some of those "hooligans/smooth talkers" in those tables..

What is even more surprising is that they have the audacity to say such bile language and rudeness that I really don't try to give a crap about (there are times that those thwats get on my nerves and do such necessary precautions to make sure they got "dealt with and taught a lesson".. okay BRUSKO na toh..).

Other than those perverted uneducated thwats, there are also those punk noypi's as well. I find it amusing that they take up the courage to just ask you personal things. I was like "Hell NO! CLOSe BA TAYO? back OFF". So persistent that what I usually do is leave the table to avoid them..

There are slo incidents that has something to do with the siraulong mga banyagang tupi, they mutter things as if they RULE the world and they are the form of a heir human being (pack sheet.. anu bah toh?! Siguro lam ko na dahilan kung bakit may mga situations na hindi ako umaamor sa mga tupi)

Anyways, these suck ups makes the game even more interesting come to think of it..

OOhhh well lula bell... Going back to my other business and create some *thunder*


Thursday, June 11, 2009

the hate mail??

So you think you are lowliest being?

People/Humans are always upset about things they don't understand or when there are certain people who are not agreeing to what they believe in. However they still struggle like a faun fighting for dear life while a lion/tiger/hyena/crocodile etc. is already biting it on it's neck.

Yes there are certain things that we get upset about but why force people to believe in what they find wrong and immoral?

Creating issues I assume, creating traffic for their site and stuff.. That's so ludicrous. If you want to have a good traffic in your site, you need to have something positive or exciting in your blog.

Blogging is something powerful, you can create your own little world in it or generate chaos towards others. People don't really assume whether the blog is real or not (maybe),they just want to blog something deemed factual that can be backed up by proof or more of their online journal to the world.

There are cases when someone feels that they are being attacked by a certain group just because they wrote something about the situation and that person thinks "WTF, I'm going to shut that person down".

Blimey, blimey, blimey, for people who think like this, try getting a real life.. Move on forward, you can never change a person's ideologies, beliefs etc to make you feel better. It is so pathetic for me if someone pushes other people to like them or whatever reason it is. It's your life not theirs so making a big fuss on things that you do or don't understand would make it worst.

I admit that there are times that I feel so pessimistic yet the thought of my friends and the people who are around me is enough to regain my optimism..

So for whoever reads this lil blog of mine, don't mind the people who pull you down or demean you in ways that retaliation in a poorly, uneducated manner will lead you NO WHERE (hmmmm stalking, getting people's ip address, sending spam, hate mails, hate blogs (isn't this signs of a bully/mad person? someone with an inept mind,and KULANG SA UTAK o kaya'y isang delubyong tao na walang magandang bagay na may maibibigay sa mundo??))..

Retaliation, can be good and can be the biggest bitch slap in your life. Oh yeah, before posting anything in your blog... PLEASE ASK THE PERMISSION OF THE PERSON WHO OWNS THAT ARTICLE, PHOTO, ETC (although morons would not think twice about this, of course morons don't used their brains)..

Life is bitter you need to learn how to make it sweet.


WTF! the BLOKE is in FB too?!!!

Well, this is a free world and all that zippidee zappy moments that you hope that you don't need to encounter anymore..

How should I start the story here? Hmmm... For our main character, let's call him *ROBOT (this kinda rhymes with his last name.. HAHAHAHA). Anyways, *Robot is a hot half breed who was introduced to me around 2007. As a fresh grad, I was so ecstatic and excited to run the ruins of the so called REAL WORLD. What's more interesting at that time was that I had jsut broken off with a gutted fish lookking dweeb..

Moving forward, *Robot was the epitome of a guy that I really like (ehemmm, MR. BIG is the best of them all.. MR. BIG is the ZENITH! ), he was tall, tanned skin and a half breed (a.k.a mutt).

Unfortunate things happened that led to the demise of the so called whirl wind relationship.

No, I am not bitter that he left off or something. Yes, I did something to drove the bloke away. Yes, he was a coward. Fact, I am repulsed and upset seeing *Robot in the social networking stint.

But who am I to drive *Robot away from the torments and ups of FB?

Now, now, asking how I find out about him being there? He's in my s***list.. I can forgive but never forget (catching up my flow? childish, yeaha!).

Knowing that he is in FB makes me feel uncomfortable and restless (a very very bad way). What I did though was to block him so that he won't be able to see my profile here. Sounds so lame I know but I am getting uber upset and depressed here...



another day of looking after the kiddies

Okay it is another boring day again (yes yes i know that I lead a pathetic life.. rotfl)..
Again I am stuck here at home, making my buttocks bigger than the usual and ofcourse, I also spend my time cuddling with Brother Tattoo's babies..

The picture on top is Brother Tattoo's new baby bouncing tattoo boy..

I just find it a drag to change their poopie diapers, feed them and stuff but they look so adorable..

Specifically, I love playing with Doodles, she's very talkative and she mimicks everythign that I do (She's so funny, for example, when I tap my right foot, she does it as well.)

The sweetest thing that she did for me for today was to give me a bunch of small flowers that she plucked from her Godfather's house.. She was knocking on the door saying my name and gave me those small white simple flowers (Big Smile!!!)..

Just those small little things that these babies do make me laugh..(P.S. Please ask for permission if you wish to repost anything from my blogs.. thanks)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eventful day today

I consider this day so eventful for the simple fact that a lot of people are fighting for what they believe in (date June 10,2009)even though the AH1N1 scare is still prowling around the metropolis, people were marching towards paseo De rosas (is this right rosas or roxas?)in Makati City..

Raising their home made placards high, chanting the words that seem to be a catchy tune for people who are also crying for their plea...

Today, June 10, 2009, people marched for their plea and protest against CON ASS (constituent assembly also known as cha cha), fighting for the rights that are due to them...

On the other side of it, stand the police, ready with their shields, their cctv cameras to make sure that the gathering would be pleasant and avoid causing any rockus on the streets.. Some might think that the government is trying to destabilize this plot, maybe they are, mayber they are not..

Can grimmy hands be cleaned?

Bagiou city, davao, UP DILIMAN etc. People from all walks of life are beating their drums and singing the hymns, their protests against con ass..

Delivering the message that sometimes fall on deaf ears...

Wishing both partys luck, hoping that no harm would be fall on each party. This is our freedom, showing that not all can be played by lousy here says..

No to conass.. Let's do this now.

(as much as i want to join this march, I am unable to do so as I am currently in a job interview.. OOOhh the sweet benefits of owning a laptop and wifi...)


Friday, June 5, 2009

conass... a good thing or bad thing?

Every one has been upset about the news regarding CON ASS also known as the Constituent Assembly (charter change, well it really sucks if it pushes through)..

Half of the country is opposed to this "MOVE" while others are working hard to make this action in fullthrotle..

According to WIKIPEDIA...

Constituent assembly or "con-ass" is one of the three modes in which the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines could be amended or revised. The other two modes are via People's Initiative and Constitutional Convention. The bicameral Philippine Congress (Senate and the House of Representatives) is in a Constituent assembly mode when they formally convene to propose amendments or revisions to the 1987 constitution; and under Article XVII of the Constitution of the Philippines, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members. The process of amending or revising the 1987 constitution of the Philippines is popularly known to many Filipinos as Charter Change. Any proposed amendment or revision to the 1987 Constitution shall only be valid when ratified by the majority of Filipinos in a plebiscite. (other reference is from chan ROBLES's virtual law library)

As I understand, if the constituent assembly is enforced, the people who are opposed to this action are afraid that some of the rights that every FILIPINO is enjoying in the country right now would be changed..

One of the possibilities could be that the law would be more linient towards the powerful and cross towards the needy.

Another issue is that because of the constituent assembly, the presiding President would be able to stay in POWER for how long she wants too (it feels depressing if you think about it.. One ruler for all eternity? Being deprived of our right to vote for a leader whom we feel will lead our nation to a better status.. I'm too depressed to think on what would happen to our breathrens.. Is this the reality that we've been fighting for? Are we really that stupid to let those whore-mongers/pigs get away with murder?).

Come to think of this if the government right now is such a mess, foreign investors are now having second thoughts about investing here in our country..

I also asked some respectable individuals question with regards to CON ASS. My question were the following:

1. What does con ass signify for you?
2. If it pushes through do you believe that a lot of our rights would be affected by such drastic moves? which laws or rights do you think would be affected/changed/removed?

Mr. Jim Paredes

A betrayal of the people

It will push through. Our congressmen were not voted there to form a constituent assembly. By their converting themseleves to one, they are fooling us. And we all know the purpose for con ass-- to extend term limits of GMA and their own. We are being deprived of voting for our leaders.(I do agree that by this move, the nation is being deprived of our rights to vote for our leaders. The sudden move is making a mockery of the people whom they are suppose to serve.)

other than that, I also came across a group STOP CONASS now which was created by Noli Benavent. (So for all of you in FB please join this good cause.. Too much is too much..)

Let me know what you think about this..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Men Made Easy

Men Made Easy (how I wish this thing is ooohhh sooo true)is a book from author Kara Oh, a relationship expert. The book is not about any gimmiks about men, but it offers you solutions to be able to let your partner know what you want so that they would be able to do it for you..

As per say men are not just toys that women intend to play on and on (they have emotions and such drives that makes us women go into frenzy). Witht the help of this book, you would be able to develop a better relationship with your men and to solve about conflicts/misunderstandings that you have with them as well.

For me though, the best way to talk to my man is to talk to him upfront. Come on, if your man is seriosu enough I believe a little bit of confrontation with him would not hurt a bit. Just be straighforward and let your man hear what you feel.

If you want any alternative ways to solve your ish, I suggest reading the book.

reezen TOtz

I love DirecTV!!

Back in New Jersey, I believe that my stay would be unpleasurable without Directv.
Directv is a satellite provider that provides digital and High definition channels with just one click of the "universal remote control"..

So what's so great about this service?

You've got to try their DVR service! It is the best thing next to a mac laptop. With the dvr service, I was able to record 2 shows at the same time while I am away for a specific time or while watching a different show (when NCIS and Ghost Hunters are on both, I get to watch them at a later time since I was able to record the shows while watching Dave Tutera's show.. this is so great!).

With their digital boxes, you are able to control the viewing pleasures as well.. I f you have kids at home, you would be able to lock channels that are not child friendly. Other than that, if your phone line is connected to your BOX (it can be your normal Digital box, hd, hddvr, dvr box etc) you would be able to order PPV movies with just one click of your remote control. The other advantage as well is for people who loves games, they have a specific channel for that called "The Game Lounge" were you can compete with other players.. For payments, it varies from online payment in, western union, moneygram, via mail, or throught the automated phone system.

What is even more appealing is that they have specific packages for sports junkies like NFL Sunday Ticket, the Sports Package, ESPN GAMEPLAN, ESPN MADNESS, NCCA MEGAMARCH MADNESS, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NASCAR HOTPASS, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NHL CENTER ICE, Setanta Sports and many many more (you just need to wait for the special offers for this packages before the season starts. Also be informed as well that once the season has started you would not be able to cancel them and are supseptible to blackouts.. But Come on! you have these amazing channels dedicated to each sport!)

Other than the special packages said, they also have international packages that are available to foreigners subsiding there (come on Noypis.. TFC...)

Anyways, if you want 100% digital programming and a variety of channels that the whole family will enjoy.. I suggest you sign up with Directv..

For more information about Directv.. Click the link direc tv