Sunday, December 13, 2009


Okay MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) a been banning shows hat thy have deemed to be immoral for FILIPINO viewers. To name some of the shows (the ones aired in VELVET) The L WORD (I love this show) and now they want to stop BIG LOVE from being aired.

Currently, the Family Media Advocacy Foundation, an NGO, filed charges to the Regional Trial Court regarding his issue..

According to them, it is immoral, , indecent and contrary to law and does not meet any of the expectations of FILIPINO CULTURE/TRADITIONS.

Here's my take...

First of all I don't find The L Word a bit immoral (What' wrong with showing "Affections" towards the same sex? People are all equal whether they like it or not. ). It just tries to show (safe to say gay love? BTW the girl's in that show are really HOT) about gay love, what people go through with this type of relationship and such. The show is aired in the wee hours of the morning for crying out loud! What even really sucks here is that people make such a big fuss about this certain types of incidents (As if they haven't made out with a person although it would be with the same gender). Reality check, ya'll can't oppress the gay community anymore.

BIG LOVE, is a show that revolves around the family's struggles to live their polygamous lifestyle while keeping it a secret from the outside world. FAMAF thinks that this series should be stopped from being aired (I think they already did.. BUt THANK YOU HBO!!!) and I think that it should not. In my case in order for me to understand a certain information or whatever the hell it is, would love to watch a show or a movie about that certain incident etc. For this show, it made m understand what POLYGAMY is about, the religion and the perspectives of what an individual feels in a polygamous relationship (if you watch the show, you would be able to notice that there are certain characters who are opposed to their situation.).

I am not promoting that being a polygamist is something to be idolized. Rather watching these shows that I have mentioned above gave me insights about the "THINGS" that are some what new to me (errr... on the contrary not that new. I just love how the story FLOWS).

Yes it would be nice to keep the FILIPINO CULTURE and TRADITIONS alive and well intact however what harm would it do to show these series that can really depict about REALITY. Makes me ask what is REALITY to FICTION NOW when there are things that we can assume to come into reality? IS it so DEMORALIZING to watch (duh, there were people opposed as well with Harry Potter cause it talks about NECROMANCY as well as the da vinci code.. YET THEY STILL KICK A**)?

They have the right to say whatever the think is deem right for them however, they should try to watch the whole season to get the picture..No harm doing that (SO WHAT DOES THE PARENTS DO? HELLO PARENTAL GUIDANCE ???)

here's some info about the said shows