Sunday, June 13, 2010

sex education, and ELLA... WTFH

Here in the Philippines, some NGOs and lawmakers (religion can either divide the people or bring them together as one) are freaking out about teaching sex education in schools. Being frank and a bit way over my looney cranky head, SEX EDUCATION should be taught to children or atleast the tweens. Come on, when they hit the puberty stage there would be some questions that they may not be able to ask their parents upfront. With the aide of the sex education classes they would be more aware of their bodies and the different stages it goes through. Why they get aroused, why their nipples harden, semen, vagina etc.

The thing that some lawmakers and some NGOs are getting iffy about is that their religious and moral MATTERS might get affected (wth? even the smartest, the quite ones, the religious ones get KNOCKED UP once in a while rotfl...). The only time that these children's minds would get corrupted is if the parents or guardians are not PAYING GOOD attention to them (you decide what type of attention they need).

Thinking more about it, those people who despise the subject of SEX EDUCATION, are they thinking straight (come on... they wouldn't be around here if their parents did not have sex with each other!)? It depends on how this subject would be taught to them. Learning about SEX education would no lead to premarital sex not unless both parties have their consent (doh, them kids are getting SMARTER) Learning about sex is not bad, using CONTRACEPTIVES is not BAD, being aware of SAFE SEX IS A MUST, and definitely MASTURBATION IS NOT BAD.


There is this new contraceptive that is awaiting the FDA's approval (ofcourse this would be available in the US once approved) called ELLA, a selective progesterone receptor modulator which is developed specifically as an emergency contraceptive. It will prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex or when a contraceptive fails (i.e. when the condom rips during sex, the girl is unsure if she took the pill etc.). The current contraceptive that is available at the moment is called Plan B which is good for 72 hrs.

Some pro-life activists believe that it contains a chemical similar to the RU-486 which is als found in abortion pills... (for more information)

So far this is what i can blab for now....


Anybody Home???

Yeah yeah I know that it has been a while since I typed here in my "awesome" blog (with a hint of sarcasm)....

First I became some what busy with my job then I decided to leave the job because it felt that I was not going anywhere... Love life is intact, still full of spontaniety and tenaciousness that there are times that I breakdown (in a positive way ofcourse).

My life is FULL of adventures right now and I don't know when a meaningful blog would happen anytime soon (Doh, there are just some people who just love to hug this equipment that I can only use it during the wee hours of the morning tee hee..)

Til the next time...