Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Blah

The Blah... Nothing really exciting happened (duh as if) this pass few months (now i am taking bollocks here). Well, I gotta be thankful because I was bestowed a job to be an associate for ____. Due to this new job, I was able to meet a lot of versatile, unique, funny, crazy people that makes the job worth while (I so love using the gym at work, it rocks!).

Never the less, you would also come across some crazy blokes, wenches and gits (rotfl). But finally I have met some one so special that he takes my breath away (FOR REAL! HE REALLY DOES TAKE MY BREATH AWAY). Possession has done small things that MR.BIG was not able to freaking do at all (well, i gotta give him props though for seeing my family and all that but wth..), small things that made me feel I am important to him and I deserve the things that I really deserve (something like that.).

Yup, the new dude in my life is Possession (possession because he is mine.... lol). It really took some time for me to get knocked off my senses to say yes to him (took a very very long time) I guess the wait was worth it. Possession has this way of looking at me that makes me go NUTS, (literally I go GAGA NUTS!) whenever he smiles at me I break into a million of pieces. Simple I love you and I miss you cracks me up to a "LOVE FRENZY". And the way he says my name, damn it, my knickers falls down on my toes (Hahahaha).

With the past blokes that I was with, whenever they look at me, they think of money, ummm money and "GAMING". Yet, Possession is very very very DIFFERENT from them. I feel spoiled whenever I am with him,it feels awkward yet at the same time it feels kinda good. He makes me feel better like no one has ever done before.
"I always get what I want, when I want it, How I want it and WHO I WANT. Now THAT I HAVE YOU, ALL THE CRAZINESS IS BEARABLE... Love You POSSESSION"