Sunday, October 11, 2015

Overseas Workers

I am not sure if you guys have recently read the news about a domestic helper's right hand being cut/sawed off by her employer. In my opinion it really makes me think of the countries I want to travel (if the people are hostile to certain race etc.). 

The incident happened when Kashturi told off the police about her working conditions (there is a periodical check of the police with regards to the welfare of Domestic helpers). When the female employer was given a warning by the police; madness, wait it is not madness but HORROR ERUPTED FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL.  The female employer was so enraged that she CHOPPED the Kashturi's right hand. (To read more about the article click  here KickerDaily)

I was so enraged after reading the article. It was sick, an abomination! How could this so called educated woman boss do that to her helper? For certain OFWs or OWs this is nothing new, some are lucky to have nice employers who would treat them nicely while others go to the DEMONS. These catastrophic events do not just happen in the Middle East area but also in other countries. It is not just the harm that they do; there was also an instance where in a male OFW was gang raped by 4 Saudi Men (click this Link and it would redirect you to a short clip about the story back in 2010.). 

This literally pisses me off; what right does that DEMONIC woman have? She treated Kashturi worst than an animal. I suggest that woman get her taste of her own medicine and have her right hand chopped off as well (eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth). Do you think that justice will prevail in this travesty? Yet money TALKS (aka Blood wit/Blood Money). I am beyond upset about these folks; it is not just about the working conditions of OFWs but I also think about the other OWs. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. 



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