Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello there my dear blog.. Anyways I was busy for the past couple of days so now I am a bit free and ready to create a new post here. Two weeks ago I was watching a trailer for the game DOOM.. It has been stuck in my mind to create a blog about it. 

As you know now that I am fond of streaming YouTube and ofcourse I watch a lot of channels there to watch for walk through/play through of games I am highly interested in. While checking out trailers for new games in MkIceAndFire's channel, I was able to watch the trailer and I was stoked because the graphics for the game is AMAZEBALLS.  

According to Wikipedia; the game will be out around the first or the second quarter of 2016 which is exciting. The platforms for the said DOOM 4 is for PC, Playstation 4 and the XBOX One (publisher Bethesda Softworks).

the GamePlay:
"Doom is a first-person shooter which has "badass demons, big effing guns, and moving really fast" as key principles, according to id Software executive producer Marty Stratton. The game features a large arsenal of weapons, which can be collected and freely switched by players throughout the game. Many classic weapons, including the super shotgun and BFG 9000, make a return. In addition, melee weapons such as the chainsaw, which can cut enemies in half, are also featured. Many enemies from the original games like the Revenant, Mancubus, and Cyberdemon return as well, some of them redesigned. As the combat system of the game puts emphasis on momentum and speed, the game allows players to perform movements like sprinting and double-jumping. A combat system known as "push forward combat" is featured, which discourages players from taking cover behind obstacles or resting to regain health. As a result, the game will not feature any cover mechanics or a health-regeneration system. Players can collect health and armour pick-ups scattered throughout levels, or kill enemies to regain health. A new mechanic introduced in Doom is the melee execution system. It allows players to perform a melee-takedown when players deal enough damages to enemies. Enemies available for melee-takedown will be highlighted. 
The multiplayer is being developed in conjunction with Certain Affinity. Multiple multiplayer modes, such as traditional four-player deathmatch, domination, freeze tag, and clan arena, are included in the game. Power-ups and teleports are also to be featured in the game. Certain game modes feature asymmetrical structures, in which players can pick-up a pentagram in the map that allows them to transform into and fight as one of the monsters featured in the game. The game will also include a built-in tool titled "Doom SnapMap" which allows players to construct custom maps, create new game modes and share them with the online community. (credits to Wikipedia for the information)"
the PLOT:

For the PLOT of the story, you can try to watch the movie DOOM which was released back in 2005 (mind you the actors there are HAWT lol. You can click on the link to be redirected to the IMBD site to know more about the movie)

Can't wait for the gameplay for this. I am excited  and beyond. :-)

To order the game or check out different games Bethesda Softwork has to offer for different platforms kindly click the link and you would be redirected to their Website. You can also visit the main website for DOOM by clicking the link as well,.

So in the mean time you can check out this trailer and let me know what you think!


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