Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mad Max.. THE GAME

I had a play/walk through binge a few days ago; and if you know me personally or have read some of the posts that I have made in this blog.. I ENJOY YOUTUBE a lot.

Lately I went on a binge for the game MAD MAX from MKIceandFire's youtube channel and I was definitely hooked. So for the folks here who would like to know about:

the Game Play:
"Mad Max is a third-person action-adventure vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series. It is developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.." (Credits to Wikipedia)
the PLOT:
"Max's journey to the Plains of Silence takes an unexpected turn when a group of War Boys (run by warlord Scabrous Scrotus, psychotic son of Immortan Joe) run him off the road and steal his clothes, his supplies, his weapons, and his car before leaving him to rot in the desert sun. Traversing the wasteland in search of his prized Interceptor, Max meets a hunchbacked mechanic named Chumbucket, an overzealous individual that's hell bent on crafting the perfect vehicle, the Magnum Opus. After giving Max hope of exacting vengeance on Scrotus, the two form an unlikely partnership and set out in the base of the Opus in search of food, water, allies, upgrades, and redemption in a world devoid of sanity (Credits to Wikipedia)"
how the GAME goes:
"Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game, with a heavy emphasis on vehicular combat, in which the player takes on the role of eponymous character Mad Max (Bren Foster)...Weapons, such as flamethrowers and a mounted cannon, and a grappling hook can also be added to the Magnum Opus. The harpoon can be used in-vehicle with Chum, Max's mechanic, riding along. Max's Magnum Opus can be combined with a V8 engine and a powerful ramming ability to destroy enemies' vehicles and weaponry. Nitro boosts are also featured for acceleration. When simultaneously driving and aiming, the game enters slow-motion and allows the player to toggle between targets. Despite the game having a third-person perspective, players can switch to first-person view when the player is engaging in combat with enemies while driving the Magnum Opus. Chumbucket will also repair the car for the player once the player exits the car.(Credits to Wikipedia)"
Anyways although he story was a bit boring for me (I find it boring sorry guys) what really made me amused with this game is because of the graphics and the GORE. Specially the first scene was totally insane! 

The pro's about the game other than being in an apocalyptic time is more on the customization of Max's car (hello! Nitro?? A friggin HARPOON to pull down those fire tower considered threats..) and the brutally fights (Fury KILL!!). The best ones as well was when the game goes in slow motion when you need to kick somebody's arse.

The con well I just find the story boring (it lacks story for me, it typically revolves about Revenge and shiz and that's it).

So if you would like to watch MK's playthrough just click on the link below and you would be redirected to his youtube page and please follow him you aint gonna regret it.

MKIceandFire's Walkthrough

If you want to order the game and check out some of the snaps from the game just click  this "Mad Max" which will redirect you to the game's official Website.


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