Sunday, September 6, 2015

When the music stops..

When the music STOPS.. What happens?

I remember back in high school, a friend of mine wrote me a letter about what's going to happen when the clubs close down and the high isn't enough...

Until recently I have never gave some serious thought about it; just now I am still in this little world of mine to mind such of the trivial things she has said. I was known back then to be a party girl and all that shebangs but right now I am snickering when this image of me pops back into my head. 

I don't mind being known as a party girl when they definitely do not know how my Friggin mind works. As far as I know I am anti-social and I enjoy my ALONE time. 

I still don't give a shit when people connect the definition of a party girl to a more negative stuff (the problem with people is that they LOVE TO JUDGE.. Don't WE?). But hell once you meet one I think you would understand the true WOMAN behind that party girl.  

It has been a month that I haven't been out clubbing or partying not because I don't want to go out it is just that I have some main priorities right now that has to come first (and my budget is nearing zilch for the mean time LOL)..

When the music STOPS it does not mean that it will STOP indefinitely but just for the mean time; I still know how to be that wild child and chill for a while but when you are nearing your thirties and see the other kids partying with you I sometimes feel annoyed (maybe that was what some other people thought about me back then ROTFL).

The MUSIC will continue on playing and the booze will still flow (enjoying a cold glass of red wine right now.).. Ever heard the acronym YOLO? Well so far I think I have been YOLOin for quite some time. 

Talk to you soon..


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